Christmas in July!

A St. Nicholas Activity Afternoon

Keep St. Nicholas' spirit alive in the summer! He is a good model for living all year long, not just during the holiday season.

Boys coloring
Coloring pictures of Saint Nicholas

Invite other families with children for an afternoon of stories, crafts, and snacks. When families have gathered, find a nice spot in the shade to tell or read the story of St. Nicholas. Encourage discussion about things St. Nicholas might do if he lived in our neighborhoods today. Help children think of kind and caring things to do within families and for friends and strangers.

Prepare a number of St. Nicholas related craft activities, such as coloring pictures, making holy cards, and St. Nicholas figures (the one shown is an adaptation of our St. Nicholas Clay Pot Figure). Set up each activity in its own station with all the needed supplies—scissors, glue, markers, crayons, and other items. Children may then move around from activity to activity as they choose. Here are suggestions of things to talk about while doing St. Nicholas activities.

After the activity time and time for other outdoor play, serve appropriate snacks for a St. Nicholas event, such as hot cocoa and candy cane cookies, as shown. Other recipe ideas are here.

Families may choose to end the day with a picnic in a nearby park.

Making St Nicholas
Craft-making: St. Nicholas from paper and felt
Lots of Nicholases
Lots of St Nicholases
Making St. Nicholas holy cards
Lots of St Nicholases
Enjoying hot cocoa and candy cane cookies
All the St Nicholas things
Result of a busy afternoon!
All photos: 6Hands2Hold
Used by permission

Adapted with permission from Summer with the Saints by Marci Krull, 6Hands2Hold.

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