Book: The True History of Santa Claus

by Nury Vittachi
" . . . the best by far to explain the interwoven history from St. Nicholas to Santa Claus. The story is a little quirky, but what a great framework for the message . . . it is very cleverly written; this is one skilled author who knows how to think like a kid."
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This is a very helpful book for children asking questions about Santa Claus. The delightful story is set on Christmas Eve and tells of a ten-year-old boy who is looking after his little sister. Adventure takes them to "Christmas College" with its departments of Christmas Past (tells of historical St. Nicholas), Christmas Present (a scientist tells of limitations, evidence, and that "saints are associated with a mysterious organization called the kingdom of heaven," and Christmas Future (where the kingdom of heaven uses many hands to get work done). Here they learn so much about Christmas, but the answers are always open-ended, leaving just enough mystery or uncertainty to allow children to believe what they choose. allowing for understanding to grow and interpret. The book has full-color illustrations and includes a list of "Ten Things that Prove Santa Claus Really Exists."

You’ll find the proof right here. For this is a Christmas tale that includes Santa Claus, gifts under the tree, stockings hung on the fireplace and Christmas Eve miracles, magic and snow — yet it’s factual, historical, and remains true to the traditional Christmas story set in Bethlehem two millennia ago.
For Santa Claus is not a myth. Before he became the figure we know today he had a great many adventures right here on earth. He loved children, he hid gifts in stockings, he took risks (once ending up in jail) and he was on the team that drafted the creed still used in churches today.
It’s Christmas Eve. A toy and a girl set out on a cold night to do a favor for a neighbor. One of the children thinks Sant can help. But the other is far too smart to be taken in by all that kids’ stuff . . .

Back cover introduction, The True History of Santa Claus

Book cover

The True History of Santa Claus by Nury Vittachi, illustrated by Eamonn O'Boyle. PPP Company Limited, Hong Kong, copyright © 2003.

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