Scripts for Saint Nicholas to Use

St. Nicholas speaking
St. Nicholas at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Hollywood, California

One-Person Presentations

St. Nicholas Tells the Nativity Story
Simple pageant tells story of St. Nicholas and the nativity
Advent 2 Saint Nicholas Presentation  
St. Nicholas homily or talk for worship or other event
Saint Nicholas Speaks to the Children
Gentle sample script for Saint Nicholas visiting a Waldorf classroom
Saint Nicholas: a brief introduction
Short introduction could be used before entry
A Word from Saint Nicholas
Short reflection on the birth of Jesus
Nicholas visits a home
Simple introduction for a home visit
St. Nicholas Monologue/Sermon
Tells the story of St. Nicholas with an emphasis on Nicholas' faith and pointing to Jesus

Saint Nicholas ~ A Children's Sermon
Tells about St. Nicholas, while dressing up like him
Order from
C.S.S. Publishing
Saint Nicholas Speaks: Advent—Christmas Monologue
by Stephen M. Crotts, C.S.S. Publishing Co., 1991
Informal story of St Nicholas, content easily modified for particular situations and length. Also includes some Christmas customs.

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Two-Person Dialogues

An Interview with Saint Nick
by Ty Mam Duw, Poor Clares iin Wales
The saint delightfully recounts some of his experiences
Point/Counterpoint with Santa & Saint Nicholas
From Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington, D.C.
Santa and St. Nicholas look at the Beatitudes
An Interview with Saint Nicholas
Appropriate for a children's sermon time
St. Nicholas and the Tax Collectors
Nicholas struggles about how to use money
(this is really a monologue; an off-stage narrator has a bit part)

A St. Nicholas Day Celebration
Interview with St. Nicholas about gift-giving
St. Nicholas and his Helper: A Short Dialogue
by Nathalie Henry
Peter gets St. Nicholas to tell the dowry story
An Interview with Saint Nicholas
by St. Louis Signing Santa
Lengthy interview tells of the saint's life and transition into Santa

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