Coins for St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Teaches about Money

Let St. Nicholas help children understand about money—and the three ways it can be used
Bag of coins with 3-part bank
Coins with triple bank
Bag of coins with labeled piggy banks

St. Nicholas is known for giving gold or coins to those in need. So, coins make a fine shoe treat for children.

If coins are given with three-part coin banks St. Nicholas can help teach children about managing money.

There are only three things that anyone can do with money: SAVE it, SHARE it, or SPEND it.

Give a Spend-Save-Share bank with a small bag of quarters, dimes, and nickels to each child. This helps children "see" how money can be used. Talk with your children about saving, spending, and sharing before they each divide up their coins.

How much to save?

Think about a long-term purpose or something larger to save for.

How much to share?

This is an opportunity to encourage generosity. Talk about tithing if that is the giving standard you want to encourage. Talk about what others need and how to we can help—through church, a local food bank, disaster relief, or other project that would interest your children.

How much to spend?

What are short-term needs and wants.

A small pouch of coins filled with a gift of $5 or $10 makes plenty of coins to divide. After talking about SAVING, SPENDING, and SHARING, let your children decide how to divide their coins.

The Save-Spend-Share banks will be useful long-term. When children receive allowance, gift, or other money, they may continue to decide how to divide it up between SAVING, SHARING, and SPENDING. A good understanding for all of life.

Three part bank
My Giving Bank from Rainfall, 1994

Sources for three-part banks:

Save Spend Share Block Bank by Maxwill

Three plastic blocks that fit together like large building blocks. Each block is 3.5-inch cube. There is plenty of room for coins and bills.

Available from

Three-part Moneybox: Save Spend Share by Moonjar

Three tin banks with acrylic tops, 5x5x5-inches when put together. Each bank is large enough of both coins and bills.

Available from, or 

Clear Piggy Banks by Windy City Novelties

Put "Save" "Spend" and "Share" labels on plain piggy banks. These are 4¾x3¾-inches.

Available from and help support; thank you

Money Savvy Pig by Money Savvy

Four compartment pig: "Save" "Spend" "Donate" and "Invest". These are 8½x6-inches.

Available from Money Savvy.


Talking Stewardship: A Gift to Young People by Anna V. Ostenso Moore
    from Build Faith

Adapted and expanded from St. Nicholas Day Gift Ideas, Crate & Barrel.

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