Make Palm Crosses

Palm Crosses

Everyone always wants to know how to make palm crosses. Here is a simple way—a little tricky, perhaps, but once you've mastered it, it will be easy to do.


Most palm fronds are actually double; split the frond into two long separate strips. Remove any stringy bits.

Click on photos to see more detail. Print PDF for one-page directions.

1. Hold palm pointing up; about 5-6 inches from the bottom, fold top over keeping the long part toward you.
2. About 1½-inches from the top, fold long end on the diagonal to the right, making a right angle.
3. Wrap the long end around the upright 2½ times this is important!
4. Flip it over.
5. Make an arm about 1½–2-inches, folding the long end toward you.
6. Make second arm, folding on the left.
7. Make a diagonal fold so the long end points up.
8. Slip the point of the long end behind the center loops.
9. Loop the long end a 2nd time behind the center loops; pull taut to secure the cross. The top piece may be adjusted by pulling on the base.
Palm Cross
Finished cross

PDF to print one-page directions

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