Baptismal Anniversaries in the Home

Pouring water
Baptismal Candle
Baptismal Candle, light on each anniversary, saying, "N________, may your life shine with the light of Christ."

Marking baptismal anniversaries helps children and adults remember this important time as many of us were to young to remember without help. We see God's grace in action in baptism; it is when we receive our identity as God's child. Baptism is God's action, not ours. In baptism God extends grace and acceptance to those who know nothing of it as yet. Each baptized person becomes a full member of God's own family, the church. We are baptized, adopted, into God's family and marked as Christ's own forever.

Such amazing grace deserves to be celebrated!

For each person—adults as well as children—have the person's favorite meal. Light a special baptismal candle (either the candle received at baptism or a larger one to use for everyone). Affirm faith and pray especially for the baptismal person. Bless the baptismal person: May your life sine always with the light of Christ.

Baptismal Anniversary

PDF file for Baptismal Anniversary family worship leaflet has just a bit to read, to sing, and to pray.

Print on heavy stock and you'll have reusable leaflets that may simply be pulled out to be used year after year. Covers may be decorated by the children.

Reading should be done by both adults and children; it is important to involve everyone at an appropriate level.

The Baptism Cube is a delightful,hands-on way to learn about baptism. The cube has arrows to guide unfolding and turning to move through all the scenes.

Baptism Cube
The Baptism Cube
Baptism Cube
"Today there is a baptism"
Baptism Cube
"Here are the parents and godparents
They will make promises for the baby"
Baptism Cube
"'Christ claims you for his own
Receive the sign of his cross'"
Baptism Cube
"'The gift of water
to sustain, refresh and cleanse'"
Baptism Cube
"'I baptize you in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit'
'We are children of the same heavenly Father;
We welcome you!'"
Baptism Cube
"'Shine as a light in the world
to the glory of God the Father'"

The Baptism Cube, Church House Publishing, © 2006.
Purchase in the US from, or in the UK from, or Church House Publishing.


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