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Growing tree

 Ordinary Time in the Home

The long green season following Pentecost is known as the Time after Pentecost or Ordinary Time. This is standard, normal, typical time. It lasts until the First Sunday in Advent. It is the time of the church; time to focus on getting about Gospel business, mission and service.


This season is time to focus on growth in faith, hope and love; living out the Good News. It also falls during summer vacation, a good time to take a break from more formal observances.


This is steady time; time for steadfast, active commitment.


Green, growing plants symbolize the season.

Family Conversation / Worship


Table Talks: Gifts of God for Every Family offers thirty-one online conversation starters with bold graphics. The three sections focus on 1) God's gifts in nature and through the senses; 2) the Good News of worship and the church year; 3) the life cycle, including sacrament. Originally a flip-chart, this resource provides a month's worth (probably more as no family will manage to do each page in daily succession) of ideas to stimulate reflection on God and what really matters. Table Talks provides opportunity to engage important topics otherwise often missed. Adapted for the web, Table Talks works on tablets, too.

Story Bibles for Children

Good Children's Books about God and Faith Updated!

Children's Books of Prayers

Tips for Starting Church Year Celebration in the Home

Church Year Resource Books

Advent in the Home
Christmas in the Home—All Twelve Days Updated!
Epiphany in the Home
Lent in the Home  
Holy Week in the Home
Easter in the Home Updated! 
Ascension Day in the Home
Pentecost in the Home Updated!
Trinity Sunday in the Home  
Ordinary Time in the Home
Baptismal Anniversaries in the Home Updated! 

Home Practices: Our picks for building faithful households
Ideas for all, regardless of size and form of household, from Building Faith, Virginia Theological Seminary 
     Praying before Meals at Home
     Make a Sacred Space at Home or use as table centerpiece
     Birthday Prayers and Blessings 
     Blessing Children in the Home a daily practice for nightime routine
Prayer Sticks: A Holy Home Activity simple prayer rooted in adoration, petition, intercession & thanksgiving 
Fruits in Due Season: Growing Faith in the Summer Months
     Review Your Day with God: Daily Examen  

30 Minute Summer Sabbath Simple suggestions for working Sabbath practices—the things that bring life and joy—into everyday life; ideas for both indoor and outdoor times

Sleeping with Bread: Holding What Gives You Life by Dennis Linn, Sheila Fabricant Linn, Matthew Linn 
A simple introduction to reflecting each day on what was best and worst about the day (most/least grateful; happiest/saddest moment; or high/low point, etc.). This is the Ignatian Examen, a beautiful way to reflect on the day. This could be done by the whole family, or as part of the bedtime ritual with each child, along with prayer and singing. This simple practice is a rich resource; it is a helpful daily ritual for all ages. Excellent resource.
Purchase from, or

The Parables of Jesus: Coloring Book Devotional by Laura James and Katara Washington Patton 
A beautifully produced coloring book with 46 parables, each with a full-page illustration to color, the scripture account, reflection and suggestions for response. Lovely resource, for all ages.
Purchase from, or

Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families by Kerstin Keber Smith
Not just for Catholics, this easy to use weekly guide gives a snippet of the Gospel reading for the day, a short reflection, something to talk about on the way to church, something for on the way home, and ideas for Living the Word throughout the week. Available in paperback and as a Kindle edition. Covers the whole year, beginning in September. It Follows the Roman Catholic Lectionary, but is very close to the Revised Common Lectionary on most Sundays. Useful for any family whose church follows the Common Lectionary.
Purchase from Liturgy Training Publications or Kindle from, or

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