Valentine's Day in the Home

Valentine's Day offers the opportunity to focus on the way of love—the way of living that shows we're people of faith. So it's a time to do acts of love and kindness and to reflect on how our lives can mirror God's love in the world.

Legend tells us that priest St. Valentine defied the Emperor Claudius II's order to not marry soldiers and married Christian couples. The emperor believe soldiers would fight harder if they were single. It's said that Valentine wore an amethyst ring with Cupid's image to show he was willing to secretly perform Christian marriages. After the ceremony, he cut a heart out of parchment paper to remind the husbands to be faithful while they were away.

Heart stitchery
Heart stitchery


Valentine's Day focuses on love:
  • God's love for us,
  • Our love for God,
  • Our love for each other, and others, too
  • Our love for God's whole creation.


Love is given and received makes both giver and recipient feel warm and happy.


Hearts and cupids remind us of love. There are many lovely heart crafts and decorative things.


Valentine cake
Valentine Cake with peppermint frosting, use a heart cookie cutter to shape red sugar sprinkles

Valentine treats may take many forms, though they are usually heart-shaped and often sweet. There are lots of things to make! Here are some ideas.

  • A heart shaped cake
  • A giant heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie
  • Heart sugar cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles
  • Candy corn hearts, shape in a heart-shaped mold or line a candy box with waxed paper

Worship Leaflets

Valentines Day Leaflet
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Heart leaflet cover
Make simple Valentine covers


Have some fun things for Valentine's Day!

Valentine decor
Valentine decor
Valentine decor

Have some fun things for Valentine's Day!

Valentine decor
Valentine decor
Loving pets!

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