Ready-to-Print Brochure

Who is Santa Claus—Really?

Introduce St. Nicholas—his stories, feast day, and journey to North America, with suggestions for celebrating December 6th, St Nicholas Day—with this handout.

Print four-page brochure on one sheet of legal (8½ x 14 inches) or A4(210 x 297 mm) paper:

Nicholas Handout Cover

Click for complete printable PDF file LEGAL SIZE.

Click for complete printable PDF file A4 SIZE (UK standard).

Printing Tip

Before printing, set Page Setup in Adobe Acrobat for paper size you will be using: either legal (8½ x 14) or A4 (221 x 297 mm), landscape (click PROPERTIES next to printer and select LANDSCAPE, next click ADVANCED to set paper size).

Make sure "Shrink oversize pages to paper size" is NOT checked!

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