Sing today voices of the church

The Latin Text dates from the 12th century and was part of the Liturgy of St. Nicholas.

Nicholas putting gold through window
Medieval glass 1270-1280
Cathedral Notre-Dame, Sées, Normandy, France
Photo: © Gordon Plumb, used by permission
Sing today voices of the church.
And so come daybreak in a rejoicing world
With a jubilant heart and happy mouth.
This famous saint, the Lord's subject,
Was laid in a cradle; he avoided the breast, denied his flesh,
And three times on Saturday the boy fasted.
To the wretched parent, whose boy drowned
He granted what was asked; he heard his prayers,
And gave the drowned boy back to his father.
To the three virgins without food and needing money,
He restored honour, saving them from mistakes,
And giving back to the maidens the flower of virginity.

Text: from the Liturgy of St. Nicholas
Tune: Intonent Hodie

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