Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker

by Lily Parascheve Rowe, read by Chrissi Hart of Ancient Faith Radio
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Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker

8:43 minutes

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker is the real person from which the modern "Santa Clause" myth was derived. This account of St Nicholas the Wonderworker is based on the Eastern Orthodox Christian Tradition. It shows an icon of St Nicholas and explains the narrative of his life and feasts. Children ages 3-10 will learn about this very important saint and why the Eastern Orthodox Church venerates him.

Read by Dr. Chrissi Hart, Readings from Under the Grapevine, that features Orthodox Christian books and other classic literature, Ancient Faith Radio. Used by permission.

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker by Lily Parascheva Rowe, St. Stylanos Books, second edition, 2012.

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