St. Nicholas

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Kontakion of Saint Nicholas


Abbey of Bec, France
Icon Card, St Nicholas Center Collection

In Myra you proved yourself to be a priest,
a servant of divine things, O Saint,
for you fulfilled the Gospel of Christ, O holy one.
You gave up your life for your people
and saved the innocent from death.
You have been sanctified
for you were a great guide towards the things of God.
—Antiochian Orthodox

In Myra, thou, O Saint,
didst show thyself a priest,
for thou didst fulfill the Gospel of Christ,
give thy soul for thy people,
and save the innocent from death;
wherefore thou art hallowed as one well-learned in the Grace of God.
—Greek Orthodox Collect

You were truly a priestly worker in Myra, O Holy Nicholas,
for zealously living the Gospel of Christ,
you dedicated your life to your people;
you saved the innocent from death.
Therefore you have been sanctified
as one who has entered the mystery of God's grace.
—Byzantine Catholic

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