St. Nicholas

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 Sancte, Sancte Nicolas

Choral adaptation of 11th century Latin chant by Marina Alexander with English text.

Sancte, Sancte Nicolas,
Tute patronus noster es:
Laus et Deo Gloria:
Sancte, pro nobis exora.
Saint Nicolas,
you are the protector of us all:
Praise and glory to God:
Saint, plead for us.
Mortuos qui pueros
Vivicasti, Nicolas:
Laus et Deo Gloria:
Vitam pro nobis exora.
For the dead you have
brought to life, Nicolas:
Praise and glory to God:
Plead for our lives.
Pauperes et puellas
Qui dotavisti, Nicolas:
Laus et Deo Gloria:
Nobis virtutm exora.
For the poor and the women
that you have endowed, Nicolas:
Praise and glory to God:
Plead for our virtue.
Nautas in pericolo
Qui servavisti, Nicolas:
Laus et Deo Gloria:
Nobis salutem exora.
For the sailors in peril
whom you have aided, Nicolas:
Praise and glory to God:
Plead for our well-being.
Tibi, Pater, Tibi, Fili
Et Tibi, Sancte Spiritus,
Nunc et sempre gloria,
Ut erat in principio.
To you the Father, to you the Son,
and to you the Holy Spirit
now and ever glory,
as it was in the beginning.

Latin Text: Sancte, Sancte Nicolas, Ss. Mary & Nicolas Chapel, Lancing College, Lancing, Sussex
English translation: Marina Alexander
Arrangement: Marina Alexander copyright © 2008/2009

Musical notation PDF

To perform this work, contact the composer to obtain scores.

From Marina Alexander, conductor & composer; Sancte, Sancte Nicolas, SATB chorus with piano, optional string parts doubling vocal parts available. Written for the Metropolitan Greek Chorale, premiered in New York City, December 2008. Used by permission.

Mp3 file courtesy of Marina Alexander.

Audio player from 1pixelout, used under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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