Food in Famine

Greece 1942-43

Tall clock tower
Agios Nikolaos clock tower, Kozani, Greece
Photo: Wikipedia Used under a Creative Commons Attribution License

Father Augoustinos Kantiotis, later Bishop of Florina, was sent to Kozani in Northern Greece in 1943. He remained in Kozani for two years. These were war years and during the occupation the people had great need. Food was scarce as the occupying army requisitioned it, causing the great famine of 1941-42.

The priest Augoustinos is described as an Angel of God, saving the city and its people. Using whatever he could find, Augoustinos established a soup kitchen. Daily meals were served, sometimes as many as 8,150.

It was a miracle that so many were fed; Father Augoustinos always attributed the miracle to Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of Kozani.

Source: A Short Biography of Bishop of Florina, Father Augoustinos Kantiotis.

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