Rescue from Thessalonica

Icon of St Nicholas
Greek icon print, with Greek letters on the omophorion;
Left: "Jesus Christ conquers death"
Right: "Light of Christ illumines all"
St. Nicholas Center Collection

A woman from Thessalonica came to the monastery of St. Nicholas on the Greek island of Andros and told the monks of her experience.

One day, while walking to church with her four-year-old son, the child was attracted by something in the road and letting go of her hand, darted into the busy street. A huge truck was approaching, and just before it hit him she screamed out for St. Nicholas.

After the truck passed over her son’s body, she ran terror-stricken into the road, expecting to find him dead. Instead, he stood up seemingly unscathed. When she asked him if he was hurt, he said matter-of-factly, "Oh no, the old grandfather covered me in the road."

By Sister Cornelia Rees from "St. Nicholas Protector of Children,"

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