Fire Did Not Consume

Baby in pot in flames, mother rescuing
Illustration by Emile Probst, from The Life of Saint Nicholas, used by permission

On the day of Nicholas consecration as bishop, one young mother was home bathing her infant. The metal bathing tub was over a fire to heat the water and keep it warm.

The cathedral bells rang out, telling everyone it was time to be at the cathedral.

Completely forgetting what she was doing, the mother ran from the house all the way to the cathedral. Once there, she stood at the back, just barely able to see as all the bishops laid their hands on Nicholas. The young mother joined in the hymns and prayers.

After the consecration, she returned home, still not remembering her baby. Entering the house, the room was filled with smoke. She was terrified that her baby would have perished.

However, the baby was still sitting in the tub, smiling and completely unharmed. The mother picked up her child, thanking God that Nicholas had spared her baby's life. This was the first miracle attributed to Nicholas after he became a bishop.

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