Traditional Early Miracles

These early St. Nicholas miracle stories are told in basic re-tellings. They are drawn from ancient sources, Orthodox tradition, and The Golden Legend, and form the core of the St. Nicholas tradition. Many of them are included in the interactive story painting, Life & Miracles of Saint Nicholas.

Click for interactive story painting
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Life of Nicholas
Early Miracles
Later Miracles

Stories included in the story painting, Life & Miracles of Saint Nicholas
The First Miracle healing a withered hand
Fire Did Not Consume baby in the bath
Come Out! expelling demons
Demons, Be Gone! expelling demon from cypress tree
Kidnapped! the golden cup
The Sailors' Friend saving a ship
The Evil Butcher children in a tub
One Cup or Two? two golden cups
A Saint in the Making Peter of Athos
Life & Miracles of Saint Nicholas ~ interactive story painting
Thirty-one stories from Russian tradition and The Golden Legend
Classic Primary Sources
Life of St. Nicholas shown in images
Modern Miracles
More Stories & Poems
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