Traditional Life of Nicholas

The life of Nicholas, along with early and later associated miracles, are told in basic re-tellings. These thirty-eight stories, drawn from ancient sources, Orthodox tradition, and The Golden Legend, form the core of the St. Nicholas tradition. Many of them are included in the interactive story painting, Life & Miracles of Saint Nicholas.

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Life of Nicholas
Early Miracles
Later Miracles

Stories included in the story painting, Life & Miracles of Saint Nicholas

Answer to Prayer: Nicholas' Birth
Boyhood: Tragedy Strikes death of parents
Three Impoverished Maidens or The Story of the Dowries
Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
How Nicholas Became A Bishop selection and consecration
Nicholas and the Temple of Artemis
Famine Relief or the Miracle of the Grain
Bishop Nicholas Loses His Cool (At the Council of Nicaea)
Where Was Nicholas? sleeping or dreaming at the Council of Nicaea
Righter of Wrongs saving three innocents
The Emperor Dreams the three generals
Tax Relief for Myra
Grace Received: the Death of Nicholas
A Second Home: the Translation of the Relics
Divine Approval bestowed by Jesus and Mary the Blessed Mother
Life & Miracles of Saint Nicholas ~ interactive story painting
     Thirty-one stories from Russian tradition and The Golden Legend
Classic Primary Sources
Life of St. Nicholas shown in images
Modern Miracles
More Stories & Poems
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