St. Nicholas Magic Dust

Magic Dust Envelope
Saint Nicholas Magic Dust Envelope

Distribute packets of St. Nicholas Magic Dust the week before St. Nicholas Day, along with a handout telling about St. Nicholas.

Before going to bed on St. Nicholas Eve, 5 December, toss the dust on the ground in front of the door. Then go inside and put shoes outside the bedroom door. When the good saint sees the sparkle on the ground in the moonlight, he knows children live there and will come to the house, leaving simple treats in the shoes.

Printable sheet
Click for printable PDF handout
To prepare St. Nicholas Magic Dust for a group you will need:
  1. Small envelopes (about 2¼ x 3¾ inches) for each person
  2. Gold or silver glitter, about a teaspoon for each envelope
  3. Labels printed with Saint Nicholas Magic Dust for the envelopes
  4. Decorate envelopes with metallic stars, if desired
  5. St. Nicholas handouts for each person (here are two ready-to-print)
  6. A handout telling how to use St. Nicholas Magic Dust

A week before St. Nicholas Day, distribute the St. Nicholas Magic Dust with information about St. Nicholas and the directions for using the dust.

Red card with St Nicholas
Source: Homemade card purchased at a Polish Fest
St Nicholas Center Collection

Source unknown. St. Joseph Roman Catholic Parish, Everson, Pennsylvania, gives St. Nicholas Magic Dust to children. St. Nicholas sometimes gives the dust to adults at the annual Wigilia dinner. St. Joseph Parish shared the idea with us.

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