Novena to Saint Nicholas

contributed by Jane Patterson, Taylor, Michigan

When I was growing up we always said the family rosary after dinner and then, come nine days before St. Nicholas Feast Day, we would say our Novena to St. Nicholas. On the ninth day, St. Nicholas Feast Day, my mother would let us have a party and we would write on a piece of paper what we were asking St. Nicholas for in our Novena. My mother would then have us place our petitions in an old pot which she would then take out back and we could watch from the window while they burned. One year one of my younger brothers said, "I know you peek and see what we wrote." My mother said, "Danny, you can come outside and I will let you burn our petitions." Of course, as we become parents, we know how my mother and father knew what we were asking for—all they had to do was to listen to our conversation with each other and with our friends. The best time was Christmas night. Company was gone, my sister Ann and I had all the good dishes put away and everything picked up, we would put out the lights and just leave the Christmas Tree and Stable lit. It was so peaceful. My mother would always say "Thank you St. Nicholas" and remind all of us how thankful we should be to have made our novena to St. Nicholas.
St Nicholas with angels and children in tub
Goldprint holy card
St Nicholas Center Collection
St. Nicholas, Glorious Confessor of Christ,
assist us in thy loving kindness.
Glorious St. Nicholas,
my special Patron from thy throne in glory,
thou dost enjoy the presence of God,
turn thine eyes in pity upon me
and attain for me from our Lord
the graces and help that I need
in my spiritual and temporal necessities (and especially this favor

provided that it be profitable to my salvation).
Be mindful likewise,
O Glorious and Saintly Bishop,
of our Sovereign Pontiff of our Holy Church
and of all Christian people.
Bring back to the right way of salvation all those who are living steeped in sin,
blinded by darkness of ignorance, error and heresy.
Comfort the afflicted,
provide the needy.
Strengthen the fearful,
defend the oppressed,
give health to the infirm.
Cause all [people] to experience the effects
of thy powerful intercession
with the supreme giver
of every good and perfect gift. Amen.
Say one Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.
Pray for us, Oh Blessed Nicholas,
that we may be worthy of the promises of Christ.

Let us Pray,

O God who has glorified Blessed St. Nicholas,
thine illustrious Confessor and Bishop,
by means of countless signs and wonder,
and who does not cease daily so to glorify him ,
grant we beseech thee,
that we, being assisted by his merits and prayers,
be delivered from the fires of hell
and from all dangers through Christ our Lord.

Contributed by Jane Patterson, Taylor, Michigan. Used by permission.

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