San Nicolás de Bari Caminata de los Tres Lunes

The Caminata de los Tres Lunes or Long Walk of Three Mondays makes a special devotion to Saint Nicholas. On three successive Mondays one walks from home to a Saint Nicholas church, or one that has a chapel or statue dedicated to Nicholas. If health doesn't permit walking, a caminata may still be made. The devotion includes an invocation, spoken hymns, a psalm, scripture reading and prayers. Traditionally the caminata has been made by women in time of difficulty, particularly financial. The caminata originated and is practiced in Spain and is unique to Saint Nicholas.
St. Nicholas with children from legends
San Nicolas de Bari
Antique print from Mexico
St Nicholas Center Collection
San Nicolas statue
Iglesia de San Nicolas
Cuenca, Spain
Photo: Karel van Koppen
Used by permission
San Nicolas statue
Iglesia San Nicolas de Los Servitas
Madrid, Spain
Postcard: St Nicholas Center Collection


Full of sweet hope I come to you today, my Holy One,
for I am confident that in your goodness
I will be blessed.
I know you will not betray my trust,
my desperate cries will be heard
and my troubled spirit will be calmed.

Psalm and Scripture Reading

FIRST MONDAY Psalm 60, Romans 12.1–2
SECOND MONDAY Psalm 30, James 2.14–17
THIRD MONDAY Psalm 24, Matthew 22.36–40


Holy Father Nicholas,
through the precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
that was spilled on the way of bitterness,
for the crown of thorns that they put on his holy head,
for the slap across his holy face,
for the spear thrust into his holy side,
O Divine Love! for the lashings he endured,
for the pain his Holy Mother felt
as she watched him walk the way of affliction,
when she saw him fall,
the cross heavy with the weight of our sins;
for all he suffered during his holy Passion
and for all the blood that was spilled,
I beg you, holy Father Nicholas,
that you would know my needs and my distress
and that you would provide answers to my fervent prayers.

First Monday

Offer petitions, closing with:
Holy Father Nicholas, hear me,
Holy Father Nicholas, hear me,
Holy Father Nicholas, hear me.

Second Monday

Offer petitions, closing with:
Holy Father Nicholas, guide me,
Holy Father Nicholas, guide me,
Holy Father Nicholas, guide me.

Third Monday

Offer petitions, closing with:
Holy Father Nicholas, receive my petition,
Holy Father Nicholas, receive my petition,
Holy Father Nicholas, receive my petition.

The Our Father

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us.
Save us from the time of trial
and deliver us from evil.
[For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours
now and for ever. Amen.]


Glorious Holy Nicholas,
humble and virtuous Archbishop Of Myra,
it is true that you hear those who come to you
in their trials and tribulations.
I trust in you,
I hope in you,
and I ask you to intercede with our holy God
so that I may receive grace
in the things for which I have sought.
Be my guide, be my defense, cleanse my soul.


spoken, not sung, alternates
From this perilous sea,
O Holy Father Nicholas,
Lead us to the safe port
Of our heavenly home.
From the struggles of this life
And fatal storms,
Save us by your favor
And singular virtue.
You always come to help
Everyone who cries to you—
The sick, sailors,
Rich or poor—all who call upon you.
By your holiness
And powerful intercession,
Keep us on the way
To our heavenly home.
To those who faithfully
Carried your tradition,
They've earned the glory
and love of us all. Amen.


We beseech you, O Lord,
and plead for your mercy,
by the intercession of Holy Bishop Nicholas,
who protects us from all dangers,
show us the way of salvation.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Additional Prayers

A simple prayer for the Mondays

More about the Caminata

Translated and adapted from Devocionario Católico also drawing on additional sources. Used by permission.

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