Edible St. Nicholas Cupcake Toppers

St Nicholas Cupcakes
St Nicholas Cupcakes
Cupcakes with icing toppers

We've been asked about designs for edible cupcake toppers. Food-safe colors are printed on frosting sheets or rice paper. We show examples from two sources for icing toppers and one for rice paper.

Icing toppers taste better and meld nicely into the frosting on cupcakes, cookies or cakes. Rice paper toppers are a stiffer, tend to curl, and may be more difficult to bite through. Icing toppers come ready to use, rice paper toppers need to be punched or cut out. Rice paper toppers cost a lot less than icing toppers. Sources are listed for the United States and one, with both rice paper and icing sheets, in the United Kingdom.

Files for three St. Nicholas designs for both 2-inch cupcake or cookie toppers and 7½ to 8-inch cake toppers are below.


  1. Cupcake pans should not be overfilled; tops are flatter when cupcakes aren't too big;
  2. White buttercream works best;
  3. Smooth the frosting as level across the top as possible (unlike the way a cupcake is usually frosted, with a peak on top). I found it helpful to put the frosting around the outer circumference before the center—then fill the center and use a knife or spatula to level the top before putting the topper on;
  4. . Put toppers on the day they will be served, but several hours before so they can meld into the frosting (if done too far ahead colors may run a bit);
  5. Icing toppers come with suggestions for use.
Cupcake Toppers
Actual size 2-inch cupcake icing sheet toppers

Sources for Icing Toppers in the USA

$5.99 for 15 2-inch round circles for cupcakes or 8-inch circle for cake.
Prints on icing sheets, cut-outs for cupcakes and cakes.

Ink 4 Cakes
Ink 4 Cakes offers edible paper, two kinds of icing sheets, transfer and wafer sheets for both cupcakes and cakes.
Price varies depending on choice of sheet, number of designs, etc.

Rice Paper and Icing Toppers from the United Kingdom

St Nicholas Cupcakes
Rice paper toppers

Available from Jane Collins, who ships to the UK and internationally
Be sure to request the lighter weight rice paper; the heavier curls much more on buttercream frosting
£2.79 for rice paper 12 2-inch round circles for cupcakes or 7.5-inch round circle for cakes
£4.25 for icing sheet 12 2-inch round circles for cupcakes or 7.5-inch round circle for cakes

International postage:
Rice paper cupcake images: £1.40/first sheet; £.45 each additional sheet; 10 sheets or more/free;
Larger cake image: £2.66 (special mailer required)

Our 2-inch sticker designs PDFs are available for printing on these cupcake toppers (8 designs, choose all one design or a mixture); three designs for cakes are below.

We recommend using a 2-inch punch (Fiskars Squeeze Punch X-Large, Round 'n Round) to cut out rice paper toppers, available from amazon.com

Cupcake Toppers
Actual size 2-inch rice paper toppers

Use edible toppers on cookies

Click thumbnails to download image files. If you want one of the other sticker designs, please ask, and, time permitting, we'll add it. If you know of other sources for custom toppers, please tell us. You may be able to get a local bakery or grocer to print toppers.

Cake 1
Cake 2
Cake 3
Cupcake/cookie 1

Cupcake/cookie 2
Cupcake/cookie 3
Cupcake/cookie 3

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