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Advent, Christmas & Epiphany Resource Books

Out-of-print books may be found in libraries or the used book market. Both Amazon and are helpful sources. 

= some of our favorites
  • Let's Get Ready for Christmas: Advent Activities for Preschool Children

    Anderson, Sandra Myhr

    Augsburg Fortress, 1993

    Bible stories and activities each week for 3-5 year-olds; themes for the weeks&mdash ;Let's Prepare,Let's Serve, Let's Give, Let's Celebrate

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  • Holly, Reindeer, and Colored Lights

    Barth, Edna

    Seabury Press
    Houghton Mifflin, 1971, 1981

    New York, New York

    Traces the story and development of many Christmas symbols: Christmas star, Christmas tree, ornaments, plants, candles and lights, Yule log, Santa Claus, gifts, manger scenes, the three kings, angels, shepherds and creatures, feasting, bells and cards.

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  • The Lion Christmas Book: Stories, features and activities for all the family to enjoy

    Batchelor, Mary

    Lion Publishing, 1984

    Stories, recipes, activities, and traditions—all nicely illustrated.

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  • Teach Us to Number Our Days: A Liturgical Advent Calendar

    Baumgarten, Barbara Dee

    Morehouse Publishing, 1999

    Lots of background information with designs and instructions for making a custom Advent calendar out of either paper, felt no-sew, or fabric; includes biblical characters, saints, and more.

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  • The Christmas Craft Book

    Berger, Thomas

    Floris Books, 1990, 2011

    New edition: reorganized, larger format

    All craft projects except pentagonal stars (3 pages) are included in Crafts through the Year by Thomas and Petra Berger

    Many beautiful craft ideas, with color photos and directions. Candles, Advent calendars, wreathes, angels, stars and more. Most require careful preparation, but the results are more than worth the effort.

    Purchase from,,

  • The Christmas Craft Book

    Berger, Thomas

    Floris Books, 1990

    Available in new edition, see above

    Many beautiful craft ideas, with color photos and directions. Candles, Advent calendars, wreathes, angels, stars and more. Most require careful preparation, but the results are more than worth the effort.

    Purchase from,,

  • Window Stars: Making folded stars from colored papers

    Berger, Thomas

    Floris Books, 1996

    Detailed instructions for making 29 different stars—super for Epiphany!

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  • Jesse Tree Devotions

    Breckenridge, Marilyn S.

    Augsburg Fortress, 1985

    Symbol to cut out, reading, and short prayer for each day; large poster included.

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  • Come, Lord Jesus: Devotions for the Home—Advent/Christmas/Epiphany

    Briehl, Susan

    Augsburg Fortress, 1996

    Inviting book has a meditation, song, poem, and three prayers (one each for the week, mealtime, and children) for each week and festival day along with almost daily scripture readings and holiday customs from around the world. Simple suggestions to help families build meaningful traditions.

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  • The Sugar-Plum Christmas Book

    Chapman, Jean

    Hodder and Stoughton, 1977, 1982

    Elementary age and up

    A nicely illustrated anthology of story, song, background information and craft ideas, too.

    Purchase from,,

  • Jesse Tree Kit: Ornaments for Tree and Poster

    Daughters of St. Paul

    Pauline Books & Media, 1983

    Heavy stock to cut-out and make 3-D ornaments of circles to put on a poster

    Purchase from,,

  • The Advent Craft and Activity Book: Stories, crafts, recipes and poems for the Christmas season

    Dhom, Christel

    Floris Books, 2012

    Beautiful book with a story or poem, craft and recipe from Germany for each day of Advent, plus New Year's and Epiphany.

    Purchase from,,

  • The Gift of Time: Family Celebrations and Activities for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

    Ehlen-Miller, Margaret and Robert Miller, Loretta VanderVeen, Carl VanderVeen

    Morehouse-Barlow Co., 1977

    A wealth of ideas for the three seasons.

  • Advent, Christmas& Epiphany in the Domestic Church

    Fournier, Catherine and Peter

    Domestic Church Communications Ltd., 2000

    Waba, Ontario, Canada

    A wealth of family activities, saints of the seasons, crafts and coloring pages for the three seasons.

    Purchase from,,

  • Things to Make & Do for Advent & Christmas: Creative Activities for Children's Ministry

    Gee, Martha

    Bridge Resources, 1997

    Louisville, Kentucky

    Detailed, easy-to-understand instructions for many activities to help children understand the real Christmas story.

    Purchase from,,

  • Celebrating Christmas: Sparkling traditions to make your own

    Goodings, Christina

    Lion Publishing, 1998

    This is a simply stunning book with an especially nice Advent star spiral. Activities, stories and more with beautiful large photographs.

    Purchase from,,

  • Advent Arts and Christmas Crafts: with Prayers and Rituals for Family, School and Church

    Heiberg, Jeanne

    Paulist Press, 1995

    Step-by-step instructions for making unusually attractive craft projects. Advent wreaths, calendars, ornaments, Jesse trees, crèches, mobiles, and Epiphany crowns and stars are all included. If you are willing to do exacto-knife cutting, the Advent calendar alone is worth the price of the book. Blessings, songs, prayers, rituals, and party suggestions are offered to accompany the completed projects.

    Purchase from,,

  • 24 Christmas Stories to Welcome Jesus

    Ignatius Press


    Twenty-four stories for the days of Advent; nicely illustrated fresh retelling of biblical and saints' stories, with modern and a few classic tales. Originally from France.

    Purchase from,,

  • Advent for Children

    Jaffke, Freya

    Floris Books, 1983

    Activities to help families prepare for Christmas—calendars, stars, candles, transparencies and more; very European. Some black /white drawings.

    Purchase from,,

  • Let's Make a Jesse Tree: 26 Full-size Patterns

    James, Darcy

    Abingdon Press, 1987

    Instructions for a felt Jesse Tree Advent calendar with simple stitching and velcro. Bible readings tell the long story of God's love. All ages.

    Purchase from,,

  • Advent 2014: 24 Coloring Pages & Activities

    Jarski, Veronica

    The Paper Dali Shop, 2014

    Digital book to print

    Coloring pages and activities for Advent, the Sundays, Advent saints and more

    Purchase from The Paper Dali — Etsy

  • These Twelve Days: A Family Guide to After-Christmas Celebrations

    Kasperson, James and Marina D. Lachecki

    United Church Press, 1999

    Cleveland, Ohio

    A scripture passage, story, background on tradition, and suggestions for family activities are offered for each of the twelve days of the Christmas season, including Epiphany. There is lots to choose among.

  • 'Twas the Month Before Christmas

    King, Martha H.

    Morehouse Publishing, 1999

    Coloring and activity book with crafts, puzzles and word games for all three seasons; at least one coloring page for each day.

    Purchase from,,

  • What We Do in Advent: An Anglican Kids' Activity Book

    Kitch, Anne E.

    Morehouse Publishing, 2006

    Ages 4 - 8

    38 one-page activities (puzzles, color-by-number, word finds, mazes, etc) for the weeks of Advent and Christmas help children understand the symbols and meaning of the seasons. Parent guide included. St. Nicholas has a page, too.

    Purchase from,,

  • Advent Chain of Stars: Devotions and Activities for the Family

    Martin, Herbert; Marie Luise von Bronk, illustrator

    Augsburg Publishing House, 1968

    When purchasing on the secondary market, be certain that the sheet of stars is included.

    This delightful little book follows the ancient Advent texts for each week: Advent to the World; Advent of the King; Advent for the Heart; Advent in the Light. Each week has a hymn and each day a Bible verse and reflection. The book comes with a separate sheet inside the back cover that unfolds with a large image for each Sunday and 56 stars to cut out and make into an Advent chain of 28 stars—images on one side and numerals on the other.

    Purchase from,,

  • Winter: Celebrating the Season in a Christian Home

    Mazar, Peter

    Liturgy Training Publications, 1996

    Colorful, do-it-yourself ideas for anyone wishing to celebrate the holidays with Christian traditions which honor the waiting days of Advent, the rejoicing days of Christmas, and the celebrating days of Epiphany. New ways to think about this time, trees, gift-giving, nativities, and celebration. A wonderful resource for seasonal planners; a good addition to a church library.

    Purchase from,,

  • Customs of Christmas: 12 Full-color Paper Ornaments

    Mickelson, Melva

    Augsburg Fortress, 1990

    Dimensional paper ornaments to punch out: Advent wreath, Posadas, St. Nicholas, Birds' Christmas, Baboushka, Christkind angel, Presepio, Nisse, English traditions, Wise Men, Piñata and cradle rocking.

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  • Build Your Own Bethlehem: A Nativity Scene and Activity Book for Christmastime

    Nelson, Gertrud Mueller & Peter Mazar

    Liturgy Training Publications, 2002

    Chicago, Illinois

    Here are all the Nativity characters, plus many sheep, doves and other accessories, ready to punch out; quality printed on heavy stock, with suggestions for building "Bethlehem" from the middle of December through Candlemas. Stories included.

    Purchase from,,

  • Advent Stories and Activities: Meeting Jesus through the Jesse Tree

    Neugerger, Anne

    Twenty-third Publications, 1997

    Offers 24 ancient stories and symbols from creation to the nativity to mark the days. Includes directions for creating seven different types of Jesse trees.

    Purchase from,,

  • An Advent Sourcebook

    O'Gorman, Thomas, ed.

    Liturgy Training Publications, 1988

    Rich resource for both worship preparation and private devotion with texts from Scripture and poetry, hymns and homilies, letters and fiction, folklore and liturgy.

    Purchase from Liturgy Training Publications

    Purchase from,,

  • 101 Things to do for Christmas

    O'Neal, Debbie Trafton

    Augsburg Fortress, 1995

    Available as Kindle edition, too

    Large collection of projects for telling the seasonal story, gifts, wrapping, tree trimming, cards, recipes and more

    Purchase from,,

  • Before and After Christmas: Activities and Ideas for Advent and Epiphany

    O'Neal, Debbie Trafton

    Augsburg Fortress, 1991

    There is a new edition, 2001, available for Kindle

    History and traditions of the Advent and Christmas seasons. Activity suggestions (Jesse Tree, St. Nicholas, St. Lucia, etc.) and Bible verse for each day. Pleasant full-color illustrations. A wealth of ideas.

    Purchase from,,

  • Christmas is Coming! 16 fun things to make

    O'Neal, Debbie Trafton

    John Hunt Ltd, 1993

    16 projects to cut-out, including an Advent calendar, 12 days of Christmas chain, gift tags and more; printed on heavy card stock.

    Purchase from,,

  • Family Countdown to Christmas: A Day-by-Day Celebration

    O'Neal, Debbie Trafton

    Augsburg Fortress, 1998

    Crafts, activities, and facts for every day through Epiphany. Includes stickers for each day which form a picture.

    Purchase from,,

  • God with Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Christmas

    Pennoyer, Gred and Gregory Wolfe, editors

    Paraclete Press, Brewster, Massachusetts, 2007

    Sections by Scott Cairns, Emilie Griffin, Richard John Neuhaus, Kathleen Norris, Eugene Peterson and Luci Shaw

    Daily meditations, scripture, prayer for each day in Advent through Epiphany.

    Purchase from,,

  • Wait in Joyful Hope: Traditions— Celebrations— Activities for Advent and Christmas

    Reilly, Mary V., Margaret K. Wetterer and Nancy K. Lyons

    Morehouse-Barlow Co., 1980

    Four crafts each for Jesse Trees and nativity scenes, with patterns, history and background.

    Purchase from,,

  • Christmas Make & Bake: Fun craft and cooking ideas for a creative Christmas

    Relph, Ingeborg

    Lion Publishing, 1993

    Nice little book with craft and cooking ideas—clear instructions and nice illustrations; many ideas for things to make and give.

    Purchase from,,

  • Christmas Deck the Tree: Decorations, gifts and food to put joy into your Christmas

    Rock, Lois

    Lion Publishing, 1995

    Simple ideas for ornaments, other decorations and more—with a story and recipes, too.

    Purchase from,,

  • First Festivals: Christmas—Crafts, STories, Carols

    Rock, Lois

    Lion Publishing, 1999;, Concordia, 2001

    Beautiful book with many ideas for attractive activities, crafts, and stories.

    Purchase from,,

  • Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children: Food Celebrations with the Saints for Home and School

    Rooney, Colleen

    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Company, 2013

    Recipes, traditional and modern, and lessons for all the saints of Advent and Christmas; background information, recipes and material for other seasonal traditions; 6 recipes for St. Nicholas and a lesson, too

    Purchase from,,

  • Celebrate While We Wait

    Schroeder, Linda

    Concordia Publishing House, 1977

    Early Advent family resource book; devotions for Advent and Christmas are lengthy; instructions for an Advent log, wreath and more. Click for image of log

    Purchase from,,

  • Creative Christmas: Simple Crafts from Many Lands

    Shoemaker, Kathryn

    Winston Press, 1978

    All kinds of crafts made from simple materials, especially emphasizing Latin America, Scandinavia, Early America and a section devoted to edible decorations.

    Purchase from,,

  • A Christmas Sourcebook

    Simcoe, Mary Ann, ed.

    Liturgy Training Publications, 1984

    Rich resource for both worship preparation and private devotion with texts from Scripture and poetry, hymns and homilies, letters and fiction, folklore and liturgy; Christmas Eve through Baptism of our Lord.

    Purchase from,,

  • Jesse Tree Kit: An Advent Project for Family, Classroom, or Parish

    Simms, Lynn M. and Betsy Walter

    Pauline Books & Media, 1998, 2006

    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    28 2-sided ornaments ready to cut-out and decorate; suggestions for use on either branches or an included poster. Prayer for each week and scripture and brief explanation for each ornament.

    Purchase from

  • An Advent Event: A Worship service and activity program for teaching about Advent

    Skelly, Herbert and Margaret

    Morehouse-Barlow Co., 1973

    Complete directions for a comprehensive Advent event, introducing the Advent wreath, Jesse Tree and St. Nicholas with background information and, crafts and activities.

    Purchase from

  • How About Advent! November 15—December 25

    Speier, Kurt and John Finley

    Orthodox Christian Education Committee, 1991

    Yonkers, New York

    Readings and activities form a calendar for the days of Advent, using an Advent wreath or chain with background information

    Purchase from Orthodox Christian Education Commission

  • The Bethlehem Tree: A family resource book for Advent

    Tietjen, Mary Louise

    Paulist Press, 1976

    Eleven symbols—Christmas tree, peace, wheat, carpenter's tool, mother's sign, angel, shepherd's crook, three crowns, star, gifts and sun— with suggestions for something to talk about, something to read and something do for each one.

    Purchase from,,

  • Festive Breads of Christmas: A treasury of old traditions, recipes, and lore of the Christmas season

    Voth, Norma Jost

    Herald Press, 1983

    Scottsdale, Pennsylvania

    Traditional Christmas breads from Alsace, Czech, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Ukraine; more from the US,including Mennonite and Moravian. Sweet illustrations and a lot of seasonal information and traditions.

  • Festive Cakes of Christmas: A Treasury of old traditions, recipes and lore of the Christmas Season

    Voth, Norma Jost

    Herald Press, 1983

    Scottsdale, Pennsylvania

    Traditional Christmas cakes from Austria, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Poland and Ukraine. Cakes from America include Amish, MOravian and Shaker. Delightfully illustrated with information on traditions an customs.

  • Festive Cookies of Christmas: A Treasury of old traditions, recipes and lore of the Christmas Season

    Voth, Norma Jost

    Herald Press, 1982

    Scottsdale, Pennsylvania

    Many cookie recipes from around the world, with information on customs, too.

  • Peppernuts: Plain and Fancy, a Christmas tradition from Grandmother's oven

    Voth, Norma Jost

    Herald Press, 1978

    Scottsdale, Pennsylvania

    26 recipes for peppernuts, many traditional from a Russia, Germany and more. Peppernuts (pepernoten) are a traditional Sinterklaas food in the Netherlands, though none of these recipes are identified as Dutch.

  • Were They Wise Men or Kings? The Book of Christmas Questions

    Walsh, Joseph J.

    Westminster John Knox, 2001

    Excellent resource, careful research; explains what is behind Christmas traditions and answers common questions with rare clarity and verve; good for older children and adults

    Purchase from,,

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