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  • Mikuláš: Mikolaj - Mikuláš

    Pospichal, J.
    MFP Paper, 2018

    Coloring book with colored pictures as guide and outline pictures to color

  • Legenda O Svatém Mikuláši

    Talafantová, Ceslava
    Vydal, 2012

    Fold-out book with seven events from St. Nicholas' life

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  • Il Tesoro di San Nicola

    Capozza, Giuseppe with Xenia Cannata & Laura Fusco
    Maria Adda Editore, Bari, Italy, 2012

    Story of the dowry money, with activities at the back of the book: dot-to-dot, fill-in-the-blank, a maze, coloring page and quiz

  • La Vita di San Nicola

    Vitali, Franca
    Paoline, Milano, Italy, 2004

    Very nice coloring book telling the story of Saint Nicholas and connecting him to Santa Claus

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  • Nikolas fra Patara

    Skipperold, Ivar
    Credo forlag, 1997
    Lillesand, Norway

    Colorful, large format picture book tells the story of the boy Nicholas, growing up in Patara. When he is taken to the market he learns no everyone has money to buy what they need. He gives money to the baker to pay for bread. Nicholas continues to give gifts to those in need—after his is a bishop, too. The Christmas story is also included; map on flyleaf.

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  • Nikolas fra Patara

    Skippervold, Ivar
    Arken, 1997
    Lillesand, Norway
    ACD 136
    Link for 10 sample songs

    CD with 26 tracks for Nikolas fra Patara

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  • Nikolas fra Patara

    Skippervold, Ivar
    Kirkens Nodhjelp, 1998
    Lillesand, Norway

    Production notes, script, 18 songs for a Christmas musical telling the story of St Nicholas and the Christmas story

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  • Swiety Mikolaj

    Mikolajewski, Jaroslaw
    Muchomor, Warsaw, 2003

    Delightfully illustrated stories of Saint Nicholas, the dowry story is the most extensive.

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  • São Nicolau

    Codesal, Andrés, translated from Spanish by João Santos
    Editorial Missões, Cucujães, 2003

    Delightfully illustrated stories of Saint Nicholas, the dowry story is the most extensive.

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ROMANSCH from Switzerland
  • Wie Schön isch doch die Wiehnachtszyt

    Gsell-Isler, Lisbeth
    Rex-Verlag, Lucerne, 2001

    Songs and poems for adults and children

  • Martin und Sankt Nikolaus

    Isenring, Toja and Augustin Maissen
    Casa Editura per Art ed Artists, Surava, 1990

    Story of St Nicholas seeking out the oft missed; in four languages—Romansch, German, French & Italian

  • De Samichlaus chunnt!

    Richter, Konrad and Józef Wilkon
    North-South Books, Zürich, 1985

    Samichlaus (Nicholas) tracks in snow . . . .

  • Sankt Nikolaus Begegnen: ein werkbuch

    von Euw, Aloys
    Rex-Verlag, Lucerne, 1994

    Verses for Samichlaus (Nicholas)

  • Neui Samichlaus Gedichtli

    von Euw, Aloys
    Rex-Verlag, Lucerne, 1999

    Verses for Samichlaus (Nicholas)

  • Chum ine

    von Euw, Aloys
    Rex-Verlag, Lucerne, 1999

    Verses for Samichlaus (Nicholas)

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  • Saint Nicholas: The Life

    Efoshkin, Sergei
    Novospassky Monastery, Moscow, ISBN: 5-87389-031-5, 2006

    Beautifully illustrated large-format book, printed on heavy cream paper tells the story of St Nicholas' life and miracles after his death. Twenty-three stories with thirty-one full page illustrations; for all ages.

  • Inexhaustible Wonders of the Sea: The Life and Miracles of St. Nicholas

    Kolomyichenko, Tatiana
    Parish Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit ISBN: 978-5-98891-176-0, 2008

    Nicely illustrated book with seventeen stories from Nicholas' life and miracles

  • Miracleworker Saint Nicholas

    Skorobogatko, Natalia
    Foundation Christian Life, g.Klin, Russia, 2007

    Illustrated stories of the life of Saint Nicholas, along with ancient hymns in Church Slavonic

  • The Life of Nicholas retold for Children

    Tkachenko, Alexander
    Nicaea, 2014
    Moscow, Russia

    The life of St. Nicholas for children four and up; color illustrations

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  • Sväty Mikuláš

    Horka, Róbert
    Zaex, 2014

    Small booklet with several soft illustrations and a prayer on the back

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  • San Nicolás de Bari

    Codesal, Andrés
    Apostolado Mariano, Seville, 1995

    The life of Saint Nicholas

  • Vidas Ejemplares: San Nicolás de Bari

    Ediciones Recreatives, S. A. Mexico, 1955

    Comic book story of the life of Saint Nicholas of Bari

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  • En Saga om S:t Nikolaus: elle Det ettrigaste djuret i skogen

    Reinhart, Terri, translated by Katarina Mista-Stensson
    Patrick Reinhart, 2010
    Wheat Ridge, Colorado

    Sweet story shows St. Nicholas showing how generosity and helping others changes hearts

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  • Sankt Nikolaus: Püha Nikolaus

    Streit, Jakob
    EELK Pühapäevakooliühendus, 2001

    Collection of Nicholas stories

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  • A Special Gift

    Berezenko, J., editor
    Brtsk, 2014
    Kyiv, Ukraine

    An anthology of children's miracle stories from St. Nicholas Day

  • Legends of Bishop Nicholas

    Celandine, Iria

    St. Nicholas stories told in verse with colored illustrations on each page

  • Usi Chekajut Mykolaya

    Ferento, Tereza
    Svichado, 2015

    Children's collection of scripts, poems and songs.

  • St. Nicholas: Holiday Plays & Scripts

    Franco, I., R. Zavadovich, I. Hraplyva, I. Katynets and more
    Svichado, Ukraine, 2008

    Anthology including all the plays and scripts for St. Nicholas Day

  • Tykho Mykolaj Stupaje

    Svichado, 2014

    Nicely illustrated collection of poems

  • How Nicholas Came to Jesus

    Kachmar, Mariana
    Svichado, 2013
    Lviv, Ukraine

    Miracle stories of St Nicholas patronage, with icon and altar to cut out and assemble

  • Saint Nicholas

    Lemko, I.
    L. Aprio, 2013

    An introduction to St Nicholas Day traditions

  • St. Nicholas' Helpers

    Medic-Yaremchuk, Les
    Publisher Svichado, 2014
    Lviv, Ukraine

    Nicholas gets lost, but animal helpers see to it that the gifts are delivered.

  • Nicholas Comes to Children: Poems, Carols, Stories

    Naked, P. P.
    Illustrations use vintage European postcards used with contemporary drawings

    Collection of poems, stories, and songs for children

  • Mikolajki

    Puryayeva, Natalia
    Svichado, 2013

    Story tells what it means to be a real Nicholas and how to become one; colorful illustrations

  • Sviaty Mykola (Saint Nicholas)

    Becko, Ukraine, 2006

    Delightfully illustrated stories of Saint Nicholas, also showing his relationship to Father Christmas and Santa

  • Saint Nicholas

    Septima, 2008
    Kharkiv, Ukraine

    The story of Saint Nicholas

  • St. Nicholas, I'm waiting for you

    Bohdan Books, 2015
    Ternopil, Ukraine

    Coloring book showing girl's activities while waiting for St Nicholas

  • Saint Nicholas

    Publisher Svichado, 2013
    Lviv, Ukraine

    Child's introduction to Saint Nicholas

  • Ukrainian Booklet


    Songs, stories, scripts and more. Nice black and white illustrations.

  • About St. Nicholas for Children


    Stories and poems with a few line drawings

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