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  • Saint Nicholas: Archbishop of Myra in Lycia
    The Renown of Fathers

    Georgios, Doulfis, editor; translation by Geoffrey Cox
    TROPOS Byzantine Choir

    Centre for the Study of the Art of Chant, 2008
    Athens, Greece

    Nine tracks in honor of St. Nicholas, many published for the first time; small hard bound book contains an address by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, information about Saint Nicholas, description, commentary on, and poetry texts of the chants, illustrated by icons from Mount Athos

  • O Agios Nautis (The Holy Sailor)

    Mpatis, Eftathios
    Finatec A.E., 2000

    Large format, beautifully illustrated with many full-color photos of icons, churches, and more

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  • Patriarchal Compound of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Bari: History. Furnishings. Mission, Saint.

    Boitsov, A.
    Indrik, 2013
    Moscow, Russia

    Illustrated in full color, commemorates the year the St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Bari, Italy, was featured on a Russian coin

  • Saint Nicholas: The Life

    Efoshkin, Sergei
    Novospassky Monastery, Moscow, ISBN: 5-87389-031-5, 2006

    Beautifully illustrated large-format book, printed on heavy cream paper tells the story of St Nicholas' life and miracles after his death. Twenty-three stories with thirty-one full page illustrations. For all ages.

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  • Myten om tomten: Ein biografi

    Norlin, Arne
    ARX förlag

    Comprehensive look at St. Nicholas bumpy journey from Asia Minor, beginning in Demre, Turkey, continuing through Europe to the US and back to Europe, into Sweden. Illustrated.

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  • Budlalaska: Selected Children's Letters to St. Nicholas

    Malyna, Boyhdan
    Duiliby, Kyiv, ISBN: 978-966-8910-15-9, 2007

    Collected letters written to Saint Nicholas by children in Ukraine from 1996-2006. Illustrated with the original letters and drawings.

  • Letters from the Office of St. Nicholas

    Malyna, Boyhdan
    Lviv, Ukraine, 2010

    Collection of letters written by Ukrainian children in Lviv, published in honor of the tenth anniversary of the St. Nicholas' Office

  • Prayers to St. Nicholas

    St. Andrew's Church, Kyiv, Ukraine
    Moscow, Russia, 2001

  • Akathist to St Nicholas the Wonderworker


    Akathist for use on December 19 and September 22

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