Make a St. Nicholas Picture!

This 3-D activity is adapted from De Gruyter's Snoepje van de Week—Treat of the Week, Den Bosch, the Netherlands. This is appropriate for older elementary age children and up.

Miter, tabs, cloak and cape will all be dimensionally curved.

Makes a picture 4½ by 7¼ inches.

St Nicholas figure
Finished card

To make St. Nicholas picture

  • Print PDF (below) on color printer card or cover stock, such as Hammermill Color Copy Digital Cover, using digital color paper gives true, bright colors; Purchase from
  • Cut out yellow background piece, using a paper cutter or trimmer for good straight edges;
    leaving a margin is optional.
  • Cut slits in background card with an X-ACTO or other craft knife.
  • Insert tabs into matching slits, starting with #1. Insert face tabs (#'s 5&6) before miter's tabs (#s 5&9 and 5&10).
  • Optional: tape tabs on the back to hold securely in place. This is particularly helpful with the face tabs, keep tape away from the slits, so the miter's ribbon-like tabs can be inserted in slits #5&6.
pdf image
Click for PDF

Snoepje van de Week—Treat of the Week—was a special small gift for children. Each week the De Gruyter grocery stores offered a new one for children. They were usually cards of various types, sometimes activity cards like this one. The De Gruyter stores, based in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, operated from around 1900 until 1971. The stores were then acquired by SHV, which was later absorbed into SPAR.

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