St. Nicholas Saint Scene

by Kristen Rabideau

Use these pop-up scenes with St. Nicholas paper figures or peg dolls. Print watercolor scenes or black and white to color as desired. The assembled scene folds flat for storage. Make St. Nicholas a young man, as he was in the dowry gold story, or an Eastern or Western bishop.

Saint scene with paper saint
Scene with paper young Nicholas

Three Saint Nicholas figures
Young Nicholas, Eastern Bishop Nicholas, Western Bishop Nicholas

Scene with peg saint
Scene with peg saint

Scene with peg saint
Scene with peg saint


  • Bright white cardstock (8½ x 11-inches)


  • Color Ink Jet printer
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, markers, watercolor paint, colored pencils, if using black and white scenes
  • Glue dots, roll-on adhesive, or tape



  • Cut-out scene background straight across on the black line at the bottom and again across the top of the design
  • Fold the scene in half
  • Cut out scene base
  • Fold the base in half, picture side out
  • Fold the two tabs up
  • Put the base inside the folded background, with tabs on the outside; secure with glue, glue dots, or tape
  • Press creases firmly on a flat surface
  • Let dry, if needed
  • Open to use—to make the base stay flat, bend crease in the opposite direction or use a small piece of tape, or adhesive putty to secure to play surface; peg dolls are heavy enough to hold the paper down


  • Cut-out figure (figures are easy to cut out, as there aren't any parts that stick out or, to make it even easier, young children may just cut out the rectangles around the figures. Do not cut the solid line at the top of Saint Nicholas' head.
  • Fold saint in half at the top of his head
  • Fold the tabs in at the bottom, forming a "saint triangle" to stand up
  • Secure tabs with glue or tape

PDF files to print

PDF file: Color Scene
PDF file: 3 figures
PDF file: Young Nicholas
PDF file: Eastern Bishop
PDF file: Western Bishop
PDF file: B/W scene
PDF file: B/W 3 figures
PDF file: B/W Young Nicholas
PDF file: B/W Eastern Bishop
PDF file: B/W Western Bishop

Saint Scenes cover Saint Paper Dolls cover

"St. Nicholas Saint Scene" is from Kristen Rabideau's printable, pop-up Saint Scenes for your Peg Doll Saints and printable, stand-up Saint Paper Dolls. Eight scenes match up with these ten saints: Francis, Bernadette, Nicholas, Cecelia, Patrick, George, Juan Diego, Our Lady of Lourdes, Pope John Paul II, and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

More information and pictures.

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By Kristen Rabideau Drawn2BCreative. Used by permission.

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