Zie Ginds Komt de Stoomboot

Look Here Comes the Steamboat

Zie ginds komt de stoomboot
uit Spanje weer aan.
Hij brengt ons Sint-Nicolaas
ik zie hem al staan.
Hoe huppelt zijn paardje
op het dek op en neer,
hoe waaien de wimpels
al heen en al weer.
Zijn knecht staat te lachen
en roept ons reeds toe:
"Wie zoet is krijgt lekkers,
wie stout is de roe!"
Och lieve Sint Niklaas,
kom ook eens bij mij,
en rijd toch ons huisje
niet stil voorbij.

English Translations

Look, here comes the steamboat
from far a-way lands.
It brings us St. Nich'las,
he's waving his hands.
His horse is a-prancing
on deck, up and down,
The banners are waving
in village and town

His helper is laughing
and tells ev'ry one,
"The good kids get candy,
the bad ones get none!"
Oh, please dear St. Nich'las,
do ride your white horse,
just visit our house,
for we all have been good!
The steamer is coming
from Spain to our lands.
On board is Saint Nicholas,
I watch where he stands.
His white horse is prancing
all over the deck.
His banners are waving
both forward and back.

Black Peter is calling
and shows his good mood:
"I’ve rods for the naughty;
and sweets for the good."
Oh dearest Saint Nicholas,
if Pete and you would,
Please visit our house for
we all have been good.*

Musical notation PDF

* English translation by Ruben 't Lam, Dutch Saint Nicholas songs translated into English. Used by permission.

Italian Translation

Zie Ginds Komt de Stoomboot translated into Italian by Herman Cole, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Here is the 2012 premier performance by Herman Cole, singing on the cathedral piazza during Bari's May Festival:

Another English translation

Look there is the steamboat,
From far-away Spain.
It brings us Saint Nicholas,
I can see him, waving.

His horse is a-prancing,
On deck up and down.
The banners are waving,
In village and town.
His servant is laughing,
And tells everyone,
"The good kids get candy,
The bad ones get none."

"Oh, dearest Saint Nicholas,
If Pete and you would,
Just visit our house,
For we all have been good."

Mp3 file courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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