Across the Curriculum with St. Nicholas

Some Ideas by Susan Jordan
Instructional Materials Center, School of Education
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Language Arts

St Nicholas Hallmark card
Greeting card, Hallmark
St Nicholas Center Collection
Review the song lyrics and poems which mention St. Nicholas.
Match letters between Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas.
Write a story or a poem about St. Nicholas and illustrate it.

Social Studies

Discuss how customs and traditions are transplanted with immigration.
Trace the St. Nicholas traditions on the map from Asia Minor to Europe to America.
Compare and discuss illustrations of St. Nicholas and Santa Claus.


Make a timeline backwards to the 4th century.
Do some counting using this verse:
Counting on St. Nick
One, two, three, four
[Count using fingers.]

Is that St. Nicholas at the door?
[Cup hand to ear.]
Five, six, seven, eight
[Count using fingers.]

I hope St. Nicholas won't be late.
[Look at watch.]
Eight, seven, six, five
[Count using fingers.]

Quick, he's coming--let's go hide.
[Hide face behind hands.]
Four, three, two, one,
[Count using fingers.]

Look! A surprise—oh, what fun!
[Pretend to hold surprise in hands.]


Look for authentic icons of Nicholas the Bishop.
Compare these with old and new drawings of Santa.

Note: Young children are easily confused when an adult makes a general statement about being "good." Children need specific examples of what constitutes proper and improper behavior.

By Susan Jordan, Instructional Materials Center, School of Education, University of Missouri-Kansas City. Used by permission.

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