Giving without counting the cost

December: St. Nicholas ~ Pre-K & Kindergarten

from Virtues in Practice: Faith, Pre-K & Kindergarten by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation

Saint Nicholas
Image from antique Austrian postcard
St. Nicholas Center Collection


Act of Faith

Virtue of the Month

Generosity: giving without counting the cost

Saint of the Month

Saint Nicholas
(died 342, Asia Minor, not Turkey

There was a poor man who did not have enough money to care for his daughters. Saint Nicholas left money for the girls in their stockings.


Find Turkey on a globe.
Say "SAINT nikLAUS" five times fast. Do you see where the name Santa Claus comes from?

Home Project

Due December _______________________


Holy Spirit, open our minds and hearts to God's Word.
(Read and discuss Luke 21.3-4)

Saint's Virtue Activity: Generosity

  • Discuss ways that your family gives to the poor at Christmas.
  • Are there ways that your parish gives to the poor at Christmas?
  • Does your church or school have a celebration in honor of Saint Nicholas? What is it like?


Saint Nicholas, you found joy in giving to others.
Help us to find joy in sharing what we have with those around us.
Amen. Saint Nicholas, pray for us!

Saint Activity

Saint Nicholas was a bishop. Color the symbols of a bishop in gold. Choose your own colors for the rest.
  • a pointed hat called a mitre;
  • a shepherd's staff called a crozier;
  • a large cross on a chain called a pectoral cross;
  • a bishop's ring.


Mother Mary, you gave your whole self to God.
Through you, God showed us his generosity by giving us his only Son, Jesus.
Help us to be more like him! (Pray 3 Hail Marys)


What is generosity?
Who is Saint Nicholas?

Growth in Generosity

Draw a picture to show what you did this month to grow in generosity.
Blank rectangle


From Virtues in Practice: Faith: Pre-K & Kindergarten, by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation, Nashville, Tennessee. Used by permission.

Virtues in Practice provides a virtue for each month with a saint who models the virtue. The program is on a three year cycle that presents 21 virtues and 81 saints over 9 years, for four grade levels. Available as a free online resource.

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