St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra

A lesson plan

St Nicholas icon image
Image: Ade Bethune Collection, College of St. Catherine Library, St. Paul, MN 55105.Used by permission


Icon of St. Nicholas
Materials needed for a charitable project
(such as explanatory notes to take home and a box or basket for donations. Perhaps several smaller ones scattered in various locations would work also.)


Read St. Nicholas’ life
A simple one, A Man Named Nicholas, is found in A Way of Life.


Emphasize his good deeds, kindness, and generosity.
Discuss how St. Nicholas often gave gifts to others and no one knew who gave them.

St. Nicholas was also a great Bishop.
What is a bishop? Who is our bishop? Recall and show pictures of a time when the bishop visited your parish.


Decorate the donation boxes with blockquoteight colors to attract attention. Or use stickers for decoration.
Use these collection boxes throughout the Nativity Fast season.

Optional activity 1:

Some cultures leave shoes out, so that St. Nicholas can fill them with treats. This could be done outside the classroom door during class for a wonderful surprise! Letters may also be sent home explaining this custom, so it could be done on the exact day of St. Nicholas’ commemoration (Dec. 6).

Optional activity 2:

Learn to sing the greeting hymn for the bishop Found in Orthodox Hymns for Children.

From Department of Christian Education, Orthodox Church in America. Used by permission.

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