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St. Nicholas head is continually growing. Here is the 2016 list of NEW articles and NEWadditions to established pages, such as ideas for families, for example. *

Additions to the Gallery, Church Gazetteer, Events (Visits from St. Nicholas), and Museum and Gallery listings are not included in these results.

Duplicate results indicate an article is on more than one page.

Please send your ideas and other information so we can continue to enrich the site.

*This isn't a guarantee, as some additions may have missed being properly coded—and there are also just a few that were added late in the season last year.

70 total results found
New articles (26) | Updated articles (35) | Updated lists (9)
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  1. Activity Sheet: Who Is St. Nicholas?
  2. Article: Bad Santa: how we turned Saint Nicholas into a symbol of greed by Giles Fraser
  3. Article: How Protestantism Nearly Killed St. Nick
  4. Become a Santa
  5. Coins for St. Nicholas Day: St. Nicholas Teaches about Money
  6. Examination of a Relic
  7. Healing in Ukraine
  8. Lego St. Nicholas Minifigures to Make
  9. Miracle: Builder of Churches or How St. Nicholas Came to Confession
  10. Miraculous Appearance of Icon of St. Nicholas in Village of Velikoretskoye
  11. Miraculous Mending
  12. National Geographic Video
  13. Publicity Materials
  14. Pumpkin St. Nick
  15. Saint Nicholas Cheese Platter
  16. Sidebar Human Trafficking
  17. Sidebar packages
  18. Special Treat Bags for a St. Nicholas Event
  19. St. Nicholas Celebration
  20. St. Nicholas Day Tradition for Teens
  21. St. Nicholas Monuments in Chile
  22. St. Nick's: a merry Milwaukee tradition
  23. Traveling Relics
  24. Video: We're Here to Ruin SANTA
  25. Why does St. Nicholas give presents to children?
1 to 25 of 26  |  1 2 Next >  |  All