Wonderworking St. Nicholas Icon in Andros

Apikia, Andros, Greece, 1600s

St Nicholas icon
Embroidered icon embroidered by Leonida
Photo: Elias Dimitrelou, Parish of Agios Nikolaos Tou Neou

The abbot of the ancient St. Nicholas Monastery in Andros, Jakavos, went to Smyrna on business.

While there he met an uneducated woman, Triandaphyla, who was known for healing the sick with both herbs and magic. A wealthy Turkish official was one person who had been healed, giving her a bag of gold in gratitude.

Abbot Jakovos warned her about the dangers of using magic for both herself and others. She repented and returned to with him to Andros.

She lived in the village of Messarion and became a nun named Leonida. She spent eleven years embroidering this icon of St. Nicholas. She used her own hair for the threads of the hands.

The icon is in the St. Nicholas Monastery on Andros, where it is well-known as a wonderworking icon.

"Ten Miracle-Working Icons of Saint Nicholas," A Reader's Guide to Orthodox Icons

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