Healing in Ukraine

Lavra Monastery

Saint Nicholas Icon
Photo: © Holy Assumption Monastery
Saint Nicholas IconPhoto: © Holy Assumption Monastery
Saint Nicholas Icon
Photo: © Holy Assumption Monastery

The St. Nicholas icon, from the late 17th or early 18th century, is in the Gate Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin at the Sviatohirsky Lavra Monastery (Holy Mountains Lavra).

Taken to Germany during World War II, it was purchased in 1999 at a German antique shop and donated to the Sviatohirsky Monastery. The icon was taken to Mariupol and went in procession through the Donetsk diocese, stopping in every town for prayer. The icon arrived at the monastery on the eve of St. Nicholas, May 21st. A small St. Nicholas relic has been inserted into the icon.

There have been several cases attributed to St. Nicholas' gracious help.

In 1999 a little boy jumped into a pot of boiling water. His legs were badly burned and doctors suggested they be amputated. Through the prayers of the grandmother who had participated in the icon's procession, the boy received a full recovery.

The next year a young man, Maxim, became completely paralyzed from a spinal injury. He was placed on a cot by the miracle-working icon and received complete healing.

Every year his family comes to the monastery on the May 22nd Feast of St. Nicholas. His father bears the processional banner with the image of St. Nicholas. Maxim comes to the monastery every year on vacation to deepen his spiritual obedience.

Source: Holy Assumption Monastery. Photos used by permission.

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