Weeping Icon in Donetsk

Donetsk, Ukraine, 2006
Weeping Saint Nicholas Icon
Donetsk Saint Nicholas Icon
Photo: Interfax-Religion
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In August of 2006 a Saint Nicholas icon in Donetsk, Ukraine, was found weeping.

It was the first time it had happened in this church, when drops of myrrh appeared on the St. Nicholas' face and trickled down from his eyes. Vicar Bishop Sergiy noted that the icon could not, "cry for joy . . . as there is so much evil and hatred in the world today: a war in Lebanon, terrorist acts, murders. The icon warned us: Come to your senses and stop!"

After a week, the icon's weeping stopped.

However, three weeks later the Tu-154 airplane en route from Anapa to St. Petersburg crashed near Donetsk. All 159 passengers died.

SOURCE: Interfax-Religion, 30 August 2006.