St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Icon

 Weeps in Antwerp, 2006

Paroisse de la Nativité du Christ
Russian Orthodox Parish

Antwerp, Belgium
Used by permission

During Divine Liturgy on July 16, 2006, two parishioners at the Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity noticed two clear drops appearing below the right eye on the St. Nicholas icon, 2006. The drops turned into what appeared to be streams of clear oily fluid, like tears.

Next the omophorion was covered with droplets and parishioners saw thin streams begin to flow, along with a strong fragrance.

When the Liturgy was completed, the oil lamps were checked to see if the oil could have gotten oil on the icon. It had not. The liquid on the icon was clear and sweet-smelling, not like the pungent, dark yellow of the rapeseed oil.

The priest immediately offered a prayer service with the Akathist to Saint Nicholas. During the singing, the myrrh flowed from the saint's right hand raised in blessing, leaving an oily imprint on the paper icon that is still visible today. When the liquid reached the bottom of the icon, it stopped and began to dry up.

Weeping icon
Weeping icon
Weeping icon

Other, similar icons near this one did not weep, nor show any signs of moisture.

The drops of liquid and the fragrant scent remained on the icon's omophorion for several days. Many pilgrims came from Belgium and beyond. The liquid and fragrance began to gradually disappear, perhaps because many pilgrims touched the icon as they venerated it.

Akathist to St Nicholas

The priest kept a record of those whose prayers to St. Nicholas brought relief to their lives, both with bodily illness and everyday challenges.

Photos: Parrochie van Christus Geboorte Antwerpen. Used by permission

Mirotochenie of the icon of St. Nicholas on Sunday, July 16, 2006, Russian Church in Antwerp, Belgium
"An icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker flows myrrh in the Russian church in Antwerp," Interfax-Religion, July 26, 2006

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