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  • Stained Glass Colouring Book

    British Museum
    The British Museum Press, 2003

    Eighteen pictures of stained glass windows from English cathedrals and churches; the St Nicholas window is from York Minster

    Purchase from The British Museum

  • Our Heavenly Friends Volume 1: Coloring Book

    Brother Francis
    Herald Entertainment, Inc., 2011
    McKinney, Texas USA

    Coloring book with 7 saints; two pages each. illustrations

    Purchase from Herald Entertainment, Inc.

  • Santos: A Coloring Book of New Mexico Saints

    Cash, Marie Romero
    Sunstone Press, 2008
    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Twenty-five Spanish Colonial saints, including St. Nicholas, St. Anne, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Dominic, St. Isidore the Farmer, St. James, St. Joseph, and many more. The line drawings are accompanied by a short paragraph about each saint.

    Purchase from,,

  • The Saints Volume 2

    Cavanagh, Karen
    Regina Press, 1998

    Twenty-nine saints with a sentence and prayer for each

  • Nicholas, the Boy Who Became Santa

    Creative Communication Center
    Irving, Texas, 1989

    Coloring book to accompany video of the same name

  • Saints: Stained Glass Coloring Book

    Green, John
    Dover Publications, 2011

    Illustrations of sixteen saints on translucent paper; pages are perforated, suitable for crayon, felt-tip pen, watercolor, tempera or oil paint

    Purchase from,,

  • The Story of Saint Nicholas: A Coloring Storybook

    Herald Entertainment, Inc.
    McKinney, Texas USA

    A nice coloring storybook, marred by liberties with the St. Nicholas tradition; it has Nicholas unemployed following his altercation with Arius rather than showing his reinstatement. 14 coloring pages.

    Purchase from Herald Entertainment, Inc.

  • My St. Nicholas Book

    Klesko, Pamela & Michael Krolewski
    American Polish Assistance Association, 2003

    A coloring book with Polish Catholic customs

    Purchase from American Polish Assistance Association

  • Coloring Book about the Saints: Pictures and Rhymes

    McKean, Emma C.
    Saint Joseph Coloring Books, 1986

    Includes Saint Nicholas

    Purchase from,,

  • My Synaxarion: December

    Potamitis, Egle-Ekaterine & Dionysios
    Potamitis Publishing, 2009
    Printed in Greece

    Coloring book with 15 December saints; text in Greek and English

    Purchase from Orthodox Children's Books

  • Fun with Saints: Coloring a & Activity Book

    Richards, Virginia Helen and D. Thomas Halpin
    Pauline Books & Media, 2009

    A coloring page and activity page each for 30 different saints, some well-known, others less so.

    Purchase from Pauline Books & Media

  • Ikons of the Forty Saints

    Saliba, Bishop Athanasius
    Orthodox Church Sunday School
    Antiochian Orthodox Church, 1991

    Coloring book of icons; the images go with "Forty Saints of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church," Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of New York and All North America, 1967

  • St. Nicholas Mural

    Visminas, C. E.
    C. E. Visminas Company, 1990, distributed by Morehouse Publishing, 1990

    Background on Nicholas' life, timeline of his era, 11 stories, and pictures to color and mount to make an icon-type picture with scenes from the life of the saint—for teachers and families

  • Saint Nicholas Activity Mural: The Life, Legends, and Miracles of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra

    Visminas, C. E.
    Morehouse Publishing/Dumb Ox Publications, 1990, 2016

    Background on Nicholas' life, timeline of his era, 11 stories, and pictures to color and mount to make an icon-type picture with scenes from the life of the saint—for teachers and families. This is a complete reprint of the original published by Morehouse. The individual scenes of St. Nicholas life are to be colored, cut-out, and mounted to form a 18x24-inch poster of a hagiographic St Nicholas icon.

    Purchase from Dumb Ox Publications

  • The Saints December–May: Coloring Stories for Children

    Winkowski, Jude Hibel
    Paulist Press, 1989

    Six saints included

    Purchase from,,

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