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  • Winter: A collection of Poems, Songs and Stories for young children

    Aulie, Jennifer and Margaret Meyerkort, eds.
    Wynstones Press, 1978, 1983, 1999, reprinted 2005

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  • All through the Day, All through the Year: Family Prayers and Celebrations

    Batchelder, David B.
    Augsburg, 2000

    A rich collection of rituals, celebrations, and prayer to build traditions for the whole cycle of the church year. Many ideas for families to adapt for their particular situation. Easy to use format, not overwhelming. Excellent resource.

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  • Prayers from the Heart for the Feasts of the Year

    Bogle, Joanna, selected by
    Gracewing Fowler Wright Books
    Morehouse Publishing, 1992

    A collection of short prayers for the year from traditional and other sources.

    Appropriate for adults and children

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  • Nicholas - a saint for giving: Resources for Worship

    Brooks, Thomas
    Creative Communications for the Parish, 2008

    Background, prayers, hymns, children's sermons and more; comes with files on CD-rom

  • Festivals, Family and Food

    Carey, Diana and Judy Large
    Anthroposophic Press, 1996

    Festival and seasonal resources for songs, games, stories, food, and things to do. Lovely story of the Easter Hare.

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  • The Icon Book: A study of the liturgical art of the Orthodox Church for children and adults

    Essey, Basel and James McLuckie
    Department of Christian Education
    Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese, 1981

    General information about icons and twenty-five saints; illustrations by John Matusiak; may be used as a coloring book

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  • Stories of Everyday Saints: 40 stories with Bible links and related activities

    Heley, Veronica
    The Bible Reading Fellowship, Oxford, England, 2002

    A double page spread for each saint with story, prayer, symbol, and activity suggestions, useful for teachers and includes photocopy permission

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  • Folk Like Me: the Read-Aloud Book of Saints

    Lucchese, Kathryn M.
    Morehouse Publishing, 2008

    Stories of the saints in a weekly two-year cycle written for school-age kids with humor and facts. Tested in chapel services.

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  • To Dance with God: Family Ritual and Community Celebration

    Nelson, Gertrud Mueller
    Paulist Press, 1986

    This classic book has good background for developing Nicholas and other traditions and a nice re-telling of four St. Nicholas legends with suggestions for creating plays. Fine introduction to family tradition and ritual with a wealth of ideas for the feasts and seasons of the Christian year.

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  • The Story of Saint Nicholas

    Nippert, George & Brenda
    Nippert & Co. Artworks, 2010
    Carlisle, Pennsylvania
    Set of 8 cards, 8 1/2 x 11-inches, tell the story of Saint Nicholas
    Teaching picture cards, or wall story

    Completely Western depiction of St. Nicholas, shown in quasi-contemporary clothing; nice introduction

    Purchase from catholicartworks.com

  • Seasonal Saints Cutouts

    Nippert, George & Brenda
    Nippert & Co. Artworks, 2010
    Carlisle, Pennsylvania
    Includes Saint Nicholas, Saint Patrick & Saint Valentine
    Large (11x17) cards, 2 for each saint
    The second card for each saint has information and symbols

    The two cards are designed to be cut out (or mounted and cut out for durability) to make a bulletin board display about the saint

    Purchase from catholicartworks.com

  • Draw and Tell Saints

    Petras, Julie A.
    Our Sunday Visitor, 2004

    Seventeen stories with simple drawings for saints' symbols for classroom use.

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  • Follow the Year: A Family Celebration of Christian Holidays

    Powers, Mala
    Harper & Row, 1985

    Stories, legends, and customs for all the year including a story for each day in Advent; lovely, soft illustrations.

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  • Festivals of the Christian Year: Teacher's Guide

    Rock, Lois
    Lion Publishing, 1996

    Helpful guide to 20 festivals: background, Christian belief, activities, discussion suggestions, notes for craft projects in main book (above) and follow-up craft and project ideas

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  • A Merry Christmas Herbal

    Simmons, Adelma Grenier
    William Morrow, 1968

    Background, recipes, and decorative ideas for many days of the Christmas season

  • Gazing into the Eyes of the Future: the Enactment of Saint Nicholas in the Waldorf School

    Tresemer, David
    Association of Waldorf Schools of North America, 2002
    Fair Oaks, California

    A complete guide for St. Nicholas in all school grades; background, conversation models, and more.

    Purchase from Waldorf Publications

  • The Little Series: Christmas

    von Kugelgen, Helmut
    WECAN Publications, 2005
    Spring Valley, New York

    One chapter, "The Nicholas Messenger" tells of Nicholas arriving with a bag filled with apples, ginger cookies, and small gifts to be opened when Nicholas has left. He may also have a golden book, filled with praise for each child and advice for improvement. Sample text is given for the visitor to make his own.

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