Talking About Santa Claus

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  • Ssshh . . . Santa's Secret Society: Where Secrets are Unlocked, and the Magic of Santa Lives on Forever!

    Atkinson, Julie
    Magical Traditions, 2015
    Middletown, Delaware

    A story to be personalized showing all the people that are "Santa" for a child. The child is invited to become part of the "Santa's Secret Society" and to keep the "Santa Secret." A magical key ornament is suggested to commemorate the child's new status.

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  • The Secret of the Santa Box

    Fenoglio, Christopher
    Treehouse Publishing Group, 2017
    St. Louis, Missouri

    For parents

    As children grow and have Santa questions, this book shows parents a way to bring children into being gift-givers as showing God's love in the world

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  • The (Wonderful) Truth About Santa

    Gendran, B. K., illustrated by Tess Jansen
    Laditan Press, 2015

    A simple story beginning with St. Nicholas, who gave in secret, telling how others then gave in secret, like Nicholas. Then parents did, too. The child is invited to become a "Santa" too.

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  • Santa: The Whole Story: Truthful Answers to the Question: "Is Santa Real"

    Gilliard, Robert Weston

    Simple book linking Santa, the Nativity, and St. Nicholas, ending by inviting the reader to join in the fun of giving. Self-published book has some unfortunate typos.

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  • How to Talk to Your Child About Santa Claus

    Leal, Sonia
    CreativeSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014

    Experienced teacher shows how to have a sensitive dialogue, bringing together historical St. Nicholas with today's Santa Claus, while encouraging honesty and generosity; helpful guide for parents.

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  • The Santa Club

    Moss, Kelly
    Palmary Press, 2011
    Henderson, Nevada

    This book offers a fresh way to answer the question, "Is Santa Real?" while preserving both facts and the magic of Christmas. The approach may be adapted from what is presented in the book.

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  • The Secret Society of Saint Nicholas

    North, Katherine
    Declare Dominion Publishing, 2020

    Children asking questions; parents, too

    The truth leads to deeper understanding of magic in the world, drawing children into an expanding understanding how they are able to give in many ways; beautifully produced

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  • The True History of Santa Claus

    Vittachi, Nury
    PPP Company Limited, Hong Kong, 2003

    Ages: 9 and up (whenever questions about Santa Claus are asked)

    A ten-year-old boy, who stopped believing in Santa Claus when he was nine, has an adventure that causes him to believe again—this time in the real Santa, too. The tale includes Christmas Eve miracles, gifts, stockings, magic and snow, while being factual, historical and true to the story in Bethlehem. Highly recommended for children (and adults) asking questions about Santa.

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  • Maybe The Truth About Santa

    Zalewski, Amy Powell
    Shiny Red Ball Publishing, 2005

    A simple guide to help children make up their own minds about Santa being real as the spirit of giving

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