Lasst Uns Froh und Munter Sein

Let's be glad and full of cheer

translated and illustrated by Resi Schwarzbauer

Brightly colored Sankt Nikolaus

The text and melody for this song come from the German Rhineland. It is about Saint Nicholas who brings little gifts to children in Southern Germany on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day, December 6th. Children put out a plate, or boots, for St. Nicholas. The text and music are from Frohes Fest: Celebrate Christmas with traditional German carols sung in German and English, a CD with music and craft ideas for seventeen German songs and carols.

in German

Lasst uns froh
und munter sein
und uns in dem Herrn erfreun!

Lustig, lustig,
bald ist Niklausabend da
bald ist Niklausabend da.

Bald ist uns're Schule aus

Dann zieh'n wir vergnügt nach Haus.

Dann stell ich den Teller auf,
Niklaus legt bestimmt was drauf.

Wenn ich schlaf, dann träume ich
jetzt bringt Niklaus was für mich.

Wenn ich aufgestanden bin,
lauf ich schnell zum Teller hin.

Niklaus ist ein guter Mann,
dem man nicht g'nug danken kann.

in English

All illustrations by Resi Schwarzbauer from Frohes Fest, used by permission
Let's be glad and full of cheer,
Soon St. Nicholas' Day is here,

Happy, happy,
happy as can be,
Soon St. Nicholas comes to me
Soon St. Nicholas comes to me.

When at last the school day ends,
Home I'll go with all my friends.

I will shine my shoes so bright,
So St. Nick will come tonight.

When I sleep, I'll dream of him
And the lovely things he'll bring.

When I wake, I'll run and see
What St. Nick has left for me.

Thankful I will always be,
That he's been so good to me.

Listen to the instrumental track

Musical notation

Print a PDF with lyrics in German and English with illustrations to color and a pattern to make a paper boot for Saint Nicholas. You may need to set Page Scaling to Fit to Printer Margins so the border prints correctly.

From Frohes Fest: Celebrate Christmas with traditional German carols sung in German and English by Resi Schwarzbauer and Gaye Murphy. Copyright © 2005 AGTV (Association of German Teachers of Victoria in Australia). Used by permission.

The double CD kit (audio CD + Cd-Rom) has seventeen carols sung in German and English, instrumental tracks, lyrics in German and English, and activities for all seventeen songs. This is an excellent resource for teachers.
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From Festival and Celebrations by Resi Schwarzbauer, an appealing site with ideas and activities for Advent, Christmas, St. Nicholas, Easter, and other special days. Used by permission.

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