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Children's Books in Dutch / Flemish
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Out-of-print books may be found in libraries or the used book market.

Sinterklaas Songs
Activity Books
Comics & Magazines
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  • Van Sinterklaas en Pieterbaas

    Abramsz, Simon; J. G. Kesler, illustratior

    Van Belkum, the Netherlands, 1926, 3rd edition

    The first popular Dutch book to name Sinterklaas helper; songs with classic illustrations on board pages

  • Klaasje Sinterklaasje

    Amant, Kathleen

    Clavis Uiteverij Hasselt - Amsterdam, 2010

    Sweet little story—Little Klaas dresses up as Sinterklaas and goes out to be Sint. Klaas falls, Sinterklaas invites him to help until he's tired and falls asleep.

  • Lieve Sinterklaas

    Amant, Kathleen

    Clavis Uiteverij Hasselt - Amsterdam, 2006

    A little girl visits Saint-Nicolas in a store, who tells her he'll bring a gift, speculoos, and chocolate. On the Eve of Saint-Nicolas she wears new pyjamas and the next morning finds a doll and stroller, clementines and a chocolate Saint-Nicolas. The story ends with the girl holding the doll with chocolate on her face. Also available in French as Bonjour, Saint-Nicolas! in French.

  • De Mijter van Jules

    Berebrouckx, Annemie

    Zwijsen-Infoboek, Antwerp, 2003

    Jules makes a new miter for Sinerklaas; he puts a letter and the miter with his shoe. Will Sinterklaas use the miter? Short board book for young children.

  • De Kleren van Sinterklaas

    Biegel, Paul, illus. by Sanne te Loo

    Lemniscaat b.v., Rotterdam, 2009

    Story of little girl Anouk who finds a suitcase with Sinterklaas clothes in her house; no one believes Sinterklaas is staying there until the mystery is solved

  • Bobbi Viert Sinterklaas

    Bijlsma, Ingeborg and Maas, Monica

    Kluitman Alkmaar B.V. Netherlands, 2005

    Sweet little book showing Bobbi bear's Sinterklaas celebration

  • Kom Maar Binnen Sinterklaas!

    Bijvoet, Caroline, Liliane Crismer, illustrator

    Hemma, Chevron, Belgium, 2005

    Pop-up Sinterklaas story with four double-page pop-up scenes

  • Kom maar binnen Sinterklaas!

    Bijvoet, Caroline, Michel Rainaud, illustrator

    Hemma, Chevron, Belgium, ca 2008

    Pop-up Sinterklaas story with four double-page pop-up scenes

  • Kom Maar Binnen Sinterklaas!

    Bijvoet, Caroline, Michel Rainaud, illustrator

    Hemma, Chevron, Belgium, ca 2000

    Pop-up book with four double-page pop-up Sinterklaas scenes

  • Sinterklaas komt aan: Pop-up boek

    Boek Specials Nederland bv


    Oegstgeest, the Netherlands

    Small pop-up book with four scenes

  • Het Sinterklaas Feest Pop-up Boek

    Boek Specials Nederlands bv


    Oegstgeest, the Netherlands

    Pop-up book with four scenes

  • Dikkie Dik viert Sinterklaas

    Boeke, Jet

    Gottmer Uitgevers Groep, Haarlem, Netherlands, 2009

    Four sweet stories with popular Dikkie Dik and friends at Sinterklaas season

  • Nijntje aet Haar Schoen

    Bruna, Dick

    Mercis Publishing bv., 2013

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Delightful little board book; Nijntje (Miffy) getting ready for Sinterklaas

  • Nijntje Zingt Voor Sinerklaas Updated!

    Bruna, Dick

    Mercis Publishing bv., 2016

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Sweet small board book, sing along with beloved Bruna character Nijntje (Miffy).

  • Het Sinterklaasboek voor peuters en kleuters

    Busser, Marianne and Ron Schroder; illustrated by Dagmar Stam

    The House of Books, Vianen, the Netherlands, 2001

    Nicely illustrated book for young children, showing the whole Sinterklaas experience

  • December: Wintermaand

    Cramer, Rie

    Mulder & Zoon, Amsterdam,, undated

    Lovely pictures and verse in Dutch

  • October • November • December

    Cramer, Rie

    Van Goor Zonen, the Hague, the Netherlands, undated

    Nicely illustrated verses for each month; each originally published separately

  • Lust Sinterklaas speculaas?

    Daniels, Guy and Ina Hallemans

    Clavis Uiteverij Hasselt - Amsterdam, 2007

    Small book with an interview with Sinterklaas and an illustrated recipe for speculaas

  • Sinterklaasje, kom maar binnen!

    den Hollander, Vivian; illustrated by Juliette de Wit

    Uitgeverij Van Holkema & Warendorf, Houten, the Netherlands, 2003

    Seven nicely illustrated stories

  • St. Nicolaas — droom

    Donker, Nelly

    circa 1950

  • De Groeten van de Goede Sint

    Dros, Imme, illustrated by Harrie Geelen

    Blue in Green BV, Amsterdam, 2006

    Nicely illustrated story about the competition between Santa and Sinterklaas—with Santa as the bad guy.

  • Paulus de Hulpsinterklaas

    Dulieu, Jean

    Hema, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1987

  • Sinterklaas en Zwarte Veer

    Eekhof, Willem/Jan van der Voo; illustrated by Jan van der Voo

    Zwijsen thuis, the Netherlands, 2000

    Story told with Rebus pictures

  • O, Kom er eens Kijken . . .

    Fredriks, Catharina

    Teleac/NOT, Hilversum, Netherlands, 2002

    Nicely illustrated story of a badger getting ready for St. Nicholas

  • Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen . . .

    Fredriks, Catharina

    Teleac/NOT, Hilversum, Netherlands, 2000

    Follows Sinterklaas and Piets as they arrive and visit the palace, a small house trailer, hospital, seniors, and more

  • Musti Dag Sinterklaas

    Goossens, Ray

    Standaard, Belgium, 2000

    Musti meets Sinterklaas

  • Sinterklaasverhalen

    Halfmouw, Saskia, illustrator

    Uitgeversmaatschappij Holland, Haarlem, the Netherlands, 1996

    Anthology of Sinterklaas stories, songs, and poems

  • Hoe Piet Kleur Kreeg

    Henderson, Saskia; Minke Willemse, illustrator

    SAAM Uitgeverij, 2016

    Hillegom, the Netherlands

    Cheerful book tells how Piet got his color and why there are Piets in different colors

  • Sinterklaas de Kindervriend

    Herzen, Frank

    Hema, De Ballon, Belgium, 1995

    Nicely illustrated softcover booklet with four Sinterklaas stories

  • Sinterklaas is Weer in't Land

    Herzen, Frank

    De Ballon, Belgium, 1988

    One of the stories from Sinterklaas de Kindervriend

  • Balotje en Sinterklaas

    Jagtenberg, Yvonne

    Uitgeverij Leopold, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2008

    Balotje in this sweet story dresses as Sinterklaas as she waits; Sinterklaas leaves for Spain before she can thank him, so a whole year passes before she sees him again

  • Sinterklaas

    Jitta, Ceseli Josephus and Marga Smits

    Kimio, Netherlands, 1986

  • Sinterklaasje Pieterbaasje

    Jordaan, Jeanine

    Kimio, the Netherlands, 2001

    Cute little book of two children dressing up as Sint and Piet

  • Sinterklaas shape book

    Keiser, G Tj, illustrator

    The Netherlands, 1927

    Tall (15 1/4-inches) shape book with Sinterklaas songs

  • Nooit meer Sinterklaas!

    Kersergen, Wouter

    Leesleeuw, Uitgeverij Leopold, 2006


    Sinterklaas is on a long summer vacation; when he learns about things being modernized, he goes on strike

  • Sinterklaas is in het land!
    De kerstman brengt pakjes!

    Kokobun, Shimako, illustrator

    ImageBooks Publishers BV with Hema, Netherlands, 2002

    Long, fold-out board book, the reverse is "De Kerstman brengt pakjes!"

  • Dansen op het dak

    Kraan, Hanna; illustrated by Jung-Hee Spetter

    Lemniscaat b.v., Rotterdam, 1998

    Collection of stories with bright illustrations

  • Lolo speelt Sinterklaas

    Krijger, Marjolein

    Zwijsen Algemeen BV, Tilburg, Netherlands, 2000

    Small board book about Lolo for young children

  • Groot Sinterklaasboek

    Kunst, Nelly; illustrated by Guunst Hens

    Het Goede Boek, Huizen, Netherlands, ca 1990s

    Sinterklaas and Christmas stories; book reverses to "Groot Kerstboek"

  • De Vrienden van Sinterklaas

    Kuyper, Sjoerd

    Hoogland & Van Klaveren, 2014

    The boy Broes is disappointed his father is "too busy" to come to Sinterklaas with him. His sister explains he's a friend of Sint and a helper. The big question: what color will he choose? The helpers choose many colors.

  • KASPER kan niet slapen (Casper can't sleep)

    Kuyper, Sjoerd

    Blue in Green BV, Amsterdam, 2004

    This lovely limited edition book was a premium given by DE (Douwe Egberts) coffee & tea brand with the purchase of four packages of tea.

  • Het Kleinste Pietje

    Kuyper, Sjoerd; Harmen van Straaten, illustrator

    Uitgeverij Hoogland & Van Klaveren, 2015

    Young boy wants to be Piet like his Dad though it takes a long time; multi-colored Piets

  • Sinterklaas-Kapoentje

    Langeler, Freddie, illustrator

    Kluitman, the Netherlands, 1990

    Board book with lovely illustrations

  • De Baard van Sinterklaas

    Meinderts, Koos

    Leesleeuw, Uitgeverij Leopold, 2006


    Sinterklaas' beard is too long; Piets cut it, but they cut it all off; what will happen?

  • Schoenen voor Sinterklaas

    Michgelsen, Pauline and Barbara de Wolf

    Uitgeverij Zwijsen, 2007

    Young Said has only been in the Netherlands a few months and doesn't yet know about Sinterklaas. Sweet story.

  • Een brief voor Sinterklaas

    Neysen, Lieve, illustrator

    Deltas, Belgium, 1989

    Short board book, nicely illustrated; story of boy being nicer to sister

  • Sinterklaas en de Bosmuisjes

    Oomen, Francine

    Kitt/Unieboek BV, Houten, the Netherlands, 1996

    Sweet little board book: Sintermuis visits the wood mice, comes with mouse finger puppet

  • Sinterklaasje, kom maar binnen met je Piet

    Passchier, Paul and Thedo Keizer

    Ploegsma, 2014

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Traditional Sinterklaas songs updated for the 21st century; removing archaic language, negative concepts, and subservient descriptions of Pieten.

  • Het Verhaal van Sinterklaas

    Paul, Aloys, illustrated by John Rabou

    Van Buren Kinderboeken, Netherlands, 2000

    Nicely illustrated story of Sinterklaas activities; lots of Piets

  • Kabouter Sinterklaasboek

    Poortvliet, Rien

    Kampen, Netherlands, 2001

    Board book with Rien Poorvliet's detailed illustrations

  • Een Sint Nicolaas Verhaal: of Het Woestste Diertje in het Woud

    Reinhart, Terri, translated by Anouk Tompot

    Patrick Reinhart, 2010

    Wheat Ridge, Colorado

    Sweet story shows St. Nicholas showing how generosity and helping others changes hearts

    Purchase from

  • Daar Komt Sinterklaas!

    Roiva, S.

    Deltas, Belgium, 1990

    Board book with windows peeking from page to page

  • Sint Nicolaas en zinjn Knecht

    Schenkman, J.

    Chantecleer, Netherlands, undated

    Reproduction of the illustrations by P. J. van Geldorp from the 1880 edition (Vlieger); songs with music

  • Sint Nikolaas en zijn Knecht

    Schenkman, J.

    Stadsmuseum IJsselstein, Netherlands, 2002 (original G. Theod. Bom, Amsterdam, circa 1850)

    Small replica edition; Schenkman's book first established Nicholas with a Moorish helper and shaped Dutch customs for St. Nicholas—arriving in ship from Spain, helper, visiting schools and homes, carrying off bad children

  • Sinterklaas Avond

    Schermelè, Willy

    G.N., Netherlands, circa 1955

    Shape book with stories and songs

  • De heerlijkste 5 december in vijfhonderd-vierenzeventig jaar

    Schmidt, Annie M. G.; illustrated by Fiep Westendorp

    Querido's Uitgeverij b.v., Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1960, 1968, 2004

    Sint and Piet have an adventure and nearly drown; in a turn-around they receive gifts before resuming their regular roles

  • JIP en JANNEKE Sinterklaas komt!

    Schmidt, Annie M. G.; illustrated by Fiep Westendorp

    Querido's Uitgeverij b.v., Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2006

    Popular silhouette children Jip and Janneke wait for Sinterklaas

  • De Kinder Rijmenbundel: 150 Sinterklaas- en Kerstrijmen


    Roosendaal, the Netherlands, undated

    150 Sinterklaas rhymes for children 6 – 13 years of age

  • Sinterklaasje

    Slegers, Liesbet

    Uitgeverij Clavis, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2003

    Colorful picture book

  • Dag Sint! Dag Piet!

    Sluyzer, Betty and Mies van Hout

    Kimio, the Netherlands, 2002

    Simple story about the feest for very young children

  • Sinterklaas en Pierewiet

    Sluyzer, Betty and Suzanne Diederen

    Mercis Publishing — Kimio, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2010

    Sweet little lift-the-flap book; Sinterklaas brings a very young Piet along for his first time to be his helper. Each page has a flap with a surprise, some humorous.

  • Het boek van Sinterklaas

    Smulders, Lea

    Cantecleer / De Bilt

    Stories with songs in the back

  • De Sint en het Cybercomplot

    Stitchting Nationaal Sint Nicolaas Comité

    Concept BV, Netherlands, 1999

    Comprehensive story, comic book style

  • Het Grote Boek voor Sinterklaas
    Het Grote Boek voor Kerstmis

    Takens, Anne; illustraged by Dagmar Stam

    Van Holkema & Warendorf, Houten, the Netherlands, 1993, 2002

  • Het Sinterklaasboek

    Ter Haar, Jaap and Rien Poortvliet

    Van Reemst, Netherlands, 1982

    Stories and songs illustrated by Rien Poortvliet; book reverses to "Het Kerstboek"

  • Sinterklaas is Ziek

    Terlouw, Jan and Ann De Bode

    Douwe Egberts, 2012

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Sinterklaas is sick, so Piet needs to get a gift. Piet has trouble. Appealing collage illustrations.

  • Vertelsels

    Timmermans, Felix

    Kinkhoren, 1945

    Brussels, Belgium

    Contains four tales, including "Sint Nikolaas en de Drie Kinderen" illustrated by Felix Timmermans daughter, Tonet Timmermans

  • 10 Sinterklaas Verhalen


    Ridderhof, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 1977

    Ten Sinterklaas stories

  • Nik en Laura Helpen Sinterklaas

    van de Coolwijki, Marion; illustrated by Magda van Tilburg

    Uitgeverij Kluitman, Alkmaar, the Netherlands, 2005

    Young readers' story

  • Het Grote Sinterklaasboek en het grote Kerstboek

    van den Heuvel, Hetty; illustrated by Bep Thysse

    Deltas, Harderwijk, Netherlands, undated

    Color illustsrations on each page

  • Roet in het Eten

    van Dort, Evelien

    Callenbach, Kampen, Netherlands, 2009

    Black and white illustrations

  • Sinterklaas Blÿft een zomer over . . .

    Van Eyk, Henriette

    N.V.Em. Querido's Uitgeversmij, 1948

    Story illustrated with black and white silhouette pictures

  • Rikki helpt Sinerklaas

    van Genechten, Guido

    Clavis Uiteverij Hasselt - Amsterdam, 2009

    Sinterklaas horse is sick. Popular bunny character Rikki gives carrots to the horse and he gets better!

  • Sinterklaas Shape Book

    van Groen, Len, illustrator

    Mulder & Zoon, Amsterdam, Netherlands, circa 1950

    Large format (6 1/4 x 12 1/2 inches), watercolor illustrations, six illustrated Sinterklaas songs

  • De Pieten Maken het Bont

    van Hest, Pimm

    Clavis Books, 2014

    Sinterklaas goes on vacation and colorful naughty Piets get into all kinds of trouble.

  • Sint Nicolaas Boek

    van Leeuwen, Nans

    Uitgave Mulder & Zoon, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, ca 1950s

    Illustrated poems and songs

  • de Echte Sinterklaas vertelt

    van Speijk, S., illustrated by Wilbert van der Steen

    Piccolo, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1998

    Short stories and traditional songs with black and white illustrations

  • Sinterklaas: een boek vol verhalen, spelletjes en lekkernijen

    Velderman, Diana Klein

    ImageBooks, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2002

    Illustrated stories, songs, and recipes

  • Mijn Sinterklaasfeest!

    Visser, Ellen

    ImageBooks, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2002

    Small book with some craft ideas and places for children to put pictures and other info about their own celebrations

  • Nog é'én nachtje slapen . . .

    Vriens, Jacques; illustrated by Dagmar Stam

    Van Holkema & Warendorf, Houten, the Netherlands, 2001

    Book of holidays, good section for Sinterklaas

  • Alleen maar stoute kinderen

    Vuijsje, Robert

    Leopold Books, 2014

    Sammie and Daantje want to dress up as Sinterklaas and Piet. What color will they choose? Nice book about Piets in many colors.

  • Schimmel is Ziek

    Westera, Bette & Annemarie van Haeringen

    Blue in Green Publishing, the Netherlands, 2006

    Cute story of Sinterklaas looking for another horse when his is sick

  • Hoe Oud Is Sinterklaas?

    Westera, Bette; Barbara de Wolf, illustrator

    SBA Pers, 2015

    Leiden, the Netherlands

    Age 6+

    Stories that answer children's questions about Sinterklaas—how old is he? Shoes? Horse? White Piets? and more; in depth information for parents, too

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  • Daar wordt aan de deur geklopt . . . .

    Mulder BV, Apeldorn, the Netherlands, undated

    Songs with one story

  • De Beste Sinterklaasliedjes

    Parade, Parasol n.v., Edegem, Belgium, ca 2005

    Twelve illustrated Sinterklaas songs in hardcover

  • De mooiste liedjes voor Sinterklaas

    De Ballon, Belgium, 1996

    Book and tape set, nicely illustrated book with nine songs

  • De Mooiste Liedjes voor Sinterklaas

    Hema, De Ballon, Almere, the Netherlands, 1995

    Music and text for fourteen Sinterklaas songs; color illustrations

  • De Mooiste Sinterklaas verhalen

    Zuidnederlandse Uitgeverij, Belgium, 1999

    Stories with songs

  • Fluit mee! Sint Nicolaas- en Kerstliederen

    Drukwerken, Netherlands, 1985

    Melody lines for C recorders of both Sinterklaas songs and Christmas carols

  • O, kom er eens kijken

    Knorr, Switzerland, undated

    Eight Sinterklaas songs; booklet reverses to six Christmas songs

  • Sinterklaas is Jarig: de Leukste Sinterklaasliedjes

    M & P, Netherlands, 1988

    Sinterklaas songs

  • St. Nicolaas Muziekboek

    Netherlands, circa 1950

    Full page color illustrations, music with lyrics, stiff pages

  • (Untitled)

    Alexi, illustrator

    The Netherlands, 1977 (illustrations)

  • St. Nicolaas

    Bouman-van Terhoien, S. M., illustrated by Adri Alindo

    P. Noordhoff N.V., Groningen, the Netherlands

    26 illustrated St. Nicolaas songs with piano accompaniment

  • Zing je mee-boek voor peuters en kleuters

    Busser, Marianne and Ron Schröder; illustrated by Dagmar Stam

    The House of Books, Vianen, the Netherlands, 2004

    New songs for Sinterklaas and Christmas; CD included

  • Sinterklaasje, Bonne Bonne Bonne

    Cramer, Rie

    Mulder & Zoon, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1988

    Reissue board book with classic illustrations

  • Sinterklaasje bonne bonne bonne

    Cramer, Rie, illustrator

    Mulder, Holland, undated

    Nine Sinterklaas songs, inside illustrations by Rie Cramer

  • 17 Sint Nicolaasliederen en 32 Kerstliederen

    de Haan Eduard, illustrated by Piet Gertenaar

    Muziekuitgeverijixijzet, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, undated

    Music for piano with guitar and accordian notation; nice color illustrations

  • St. Nicolaas Liederen

    Dean, Folk

    Muziekuitgeverij X.Y.Z., Amsterdam, the Netherlands, undated

    Illustrated music for piano, includes lyrics

  • Kleuren en zingen met Sinterklaas

    den Hollander, Vivian; illustrated by Juliette de Wit

    Uitgeverij Van Holkema & Warendorf, Houten, the Netherlands, 2003

    Melody-line songs with full page illustrations to color

  • Sint NIcolaas Versjes



    The Netherlands

    Seven illustrated Sinterklaas songs

  • Sinterklaas shape book

    Keiser, G Tj, illustrator

    The Netherlands, 1927

    Tall (15 1/4-inches) shape book with Sinterklaas songs

  • December Album

    More, Peter

    Reba Productions, Zwolle, the Netherlands, 2002

    Book and CD with 12 Sinterklaas songs and 11 Christmas songs

  • Zie de maan schijnt door de bomen . . .

    Schermele, Willy

    Mulder, Holland, undated

    Four illustrated Sinterklaas songs with one story

  • (Untitled)



    The Netherlands

    Ten illustrated Sinterklaas songs

  • St. Nicolaas versjes


    Twelve songs illustrated, words only

  • St. Nicolaas: Liedjes en Verhaaltjes


    Netherlands, circa 1950

    Illustrated songs and stories; large Sint pop-up in center

  • Zie Ginds Komt . . .

    Van Groen, Len

    Mulder, Holland, undated

    Nicely illustrated board book with six Sinterklaas songs

  • (Untitled)

    van Groen, Len, illustrator

    Mulder & Zoon B.V., Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1996

    Illustrated song texts

  • Zie Ginds Komt de Stoomboot en andere St. Nicolaas Liedjies

    van Leeuwen, Nans and Len van Groen, illustrators

    Mulder & Zoon, the Netherlands, undated

    Sinterklaas songs; cover is a 45 record; nice inside illustrations

  • Midden in de Winternacht

    Van Lierde. Aaron, illustrator

    Davidsfonds/Infodok, 2008


    15 Sinterklaas songs and 14 Christmas songs, with CD

  • Sinterklaas Kapoentje

    van Tienhoven, A. B.; Freddie Langler, illustrator

    Uitgeverij Kluitman, Alkmaar, the Netherlands, 1990, original edition 1928

    Classic Sinterklaas book, in print for many years

  • De Zak van Sinterklaas

    Veeken BAkker, Joh.; illustrated by Hermien Yzerman

    De Boekerij Uitgevers, Baarn, the Netherlands, 1947

    24 Sinterklaas songs, illustrated with black silhouette drawings and some color

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  • Groot Sinterklaas Speelboek

    Boek Specials Nederland BV, Sassenheim, the Netherlands, undated

  • Groot Sinterklaas Speelboek

    Boek Specials Nederland BV, Sassenheim, the Netherlands, 1992

  • Groot Sinterklaas Speelboek

    Boek Specials Nederland BV, Sassenheim, the Netherlands, 1997

  • Groot Sinterklaas Sticker- en speelboek

    Boek Specials Nederland BV, Sassenheim, the Netherlands, undated

    Large format activity book with pictures to color, stickers, and activities

  • Mijn Kleurboek met Liedjes voor Sinterklaas

    Deltas, Belgium, undated

    Simple coloring book with songs

  • Sesamstraat Sinterklaasboek

    Sesame Workshop with Sanoma, Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, 2002

    Stories and activites with Sesame Street characters and Sinterklaas

  • Sesamstraat Sinterklaasfeest

    Sesame Workshop with VNU Tijdscjriften, Haarlem, the Netherlands, 2001

    Stories and activites with Sinterklaas and Sesame Street characters

  • Sint's Kleur—en Spelletjes Boek

    WH, the Netherlands, undated

  • Sinterklaas Doe Boek

    Mars b.v., Veghel, the Netherlands, undated

    Small booklet with activities & songs

  • Sinterklaas plak, knip en dleur boek

    Paste, cut and color book with small square stickers, some songs and recipe for pepernoten

  • Sinterklaas Saint-Nicolas Sticker Color

    Deltas, Belgium, 1997

    Book to color with stickers

  • Sinterklaas Speelboek

    Uitgeverij Caramel, Belgium, 2003

  • Sinterklaas Speelboek

    Boek Specials Nederland BV, Sassenheim, the Netherlands, 1995

  • Sinterklaas Speelboek: knippen, plakken, kleuren

    Deltas, Netherlands-Belgium, 1997

    Activity book to cut-out designs, paste, and color

  • Sinterklaas Sticker Kleurboek

    Zuidnederlandse Uitgeverij N.V., Aartselaar, Belgium, ca 2005

  • Z@ppsint: Liedjes, Puzzels, Kleurplaten en nog veel meer . . .

    Klaproos, Hilversum, Netherlands, 2002

  • Groot Sinterklaasboek Speelboek

    Boek Specials Nederland BV

    Sassenheim, the Netherlands, undated

    Activity book with songs, pictures to color, mazes, games, drawings and more

  • Sinterklaas mini Kleurboek

    De Ballon

    Uitgeverij De Baloon, Antwerp / Almere, the Netherlands, 1989

    Small book with five pictures to color; colored examples included

  • Sinterklaas Groot kleru- en speelboek

    Deklerk, Roger, illustrator

    Uitgeverij Caramel, the Netherlands, 1999

    Large activity book

  • Sinterklaas Toverkras-Blok

    Engelen, Anita, illustrator

    Zuidnerlandse Uitgeverij N.V., Aartselaar, Belgium, undated

    Book of pictures: scratch to complete images

  • Video van Sint Doeboek

    FC Klap B.V.


    Utrecht, the Netherlands

    Activity book for children

  • Het Grote Boek voor Sinterklaas

    Takens, Anne

    Van Holkema & Warendorf, Netherlands, 2002

    Large book, illustrated by Dagmar Stam, which flips over into a "Grote Boek voor Kerstmis"

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  • A B C

    Het Licht

    1952 December 4

    Gent, Belgium

  • PEP

    Oberon bv


    Haarlem, the Netherlands

  • Bravo!



    Brussels, Belgium

  • Donald Duck

    The Walt Disney Company

    Geïllustreerde Pers b.v.

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • Sinterklaasfeest met Donald Duck

    The Walt Disney Company

    De Geïllustreerde Pers b.v., 1992

    Haarlem, the Netherlands

  • Het Rijk der Vrouw

    Uitgever J. Hoste

    1933 December 2

    Brussels, Belgium

  • Donald Duck

    Walt Disney Productions

    De Geïllustreerde Pers N.V., 7 December 1963

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • Donald Duck

    Walt Disney Productions

    De Geïllustreerde Pers b.v., 29 November 1991

    Haarlem, the Netherlands

  • Donald Duck een Vrolijke Sinterklaas!

    Walt Disney Productions

    VNU Tijdschriften, 1999

    Hoofddorf, the Netherlands

  • Extra Donald Duck
    Speciale Sinterklaas-Editie

    Walt Disney Productions

    Geïllustreerde Pers b.v.

    Hoofddorf, the Netherlands

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