Prayers for the Administration of Saint Nicholas Manna to the Sick

Print, Manna bottle with St Nicholas
Artist: Lillo Dellino, Bari, Italy
Upon arrival in Bari, people sick with many kinds of diseases gathered at the monastery with great devotion and were restored to health. Bottles of the “Manna of St. Nicholas” have been revered through the centuries for the protection of the devout.
St Nicholas Center Collection
Brochure with picture
Leaflet given with small manna bottles at the Basilica di San Nicola, Bari, Italy
St Nicholas Center Collection

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Our help is in the name of the Lord.
Who made heaven and earth.
Lord, hear our prayer.
Receive the intercessions of Saint Nicholas.

Let us pray.

Eternal and omnipotent God, in your infinite mercy, you have offered, through Jesus Christ, wonderful signs of your goodness to increase our faith and relieve our suffering. Every day you perform numerous mercies near the tomb of your servant Nicholas, from which pours the liquid manna, a sign of your goodness and paternal presence. We praise you for these extraordinary favors.
Increase first of all our faith in you, we pray, and receive moreover our prayer for Name . . . grant grace to free her/him from all illness and infirmity. May the manna of Saint Nicholas, that we administer here, become like the water of the pool of Siloam with which Christ restored sight to the man born blind, and at the same time grant to us the light of faith.
This we ask, for the great merits and the powerful intercessions of Saint Nicholas, what we, poor sinners, do not dare to hope; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

And now, as our Lord has taught us, we are bold to say, asking the health of the body and the spirit:

Our Father . . . ,
Hail Mary . . . ,
Gloria to the Father . . . ,
Saint Nicholas.
Pray for us.

The manna is given or sprinkled on the person who is ill.

Concluding Prayer

Eternal and omnipotent God, you desire to give us the protection of glorious Saint Nicholas, who is in the light of your divine presence. Look on us with mercy. Grant us help and receive our thanksgiving for the opportunity to present our spiritual and temporal needs.
Remember your Church, its people and its pastors, so it may be illuminated by your truth and set afire by your love.
Convert, by the intercession of our Patron Saint, those who live in the darkness of ignorance and error.
Console the sick, supply the needy, comfort the afraid, defend the oppressed, strengthen the weak, so that we experience the support of Saint Nicholas, who is near you, the supreme giver of ever good. Through Christ our Lord.

May the Lord bless us, preserve us from all evil and lead us to eternal life.

Source: the Basilica di San Nicola, Bari, Italy, translated from the original Italian.

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