St. Nicholas

Digital Scrapbooking Materials

Design collage
St. Nicholas Free Kit
from Marie-Claude Titeux, Mary Cup of Tea Designs

This kit has St. Nicholas designs for creating scrapbooking pages. Mary Cup of Tea Designs offers a free introductory set, too. The free download includes 19 design elements and 4 papers, all in very large 300 dpi .jpg files. The design elements are on transparent backgrounds. To download the kit, scroll to the bottom of this linked page, click to download and use the password given next to the download link to open the zip file.

A very reasonably priced (2 euros) kit is also available. This kit has 29 more design elements and 9 additional papers. The design elements, once again are in very large 300 dpi .jpg files on transparent backgrounds.

Samples from the free kit

Red saint on horse
White saint on horse
Cookie saint
Chocolate saint
Blue paper
Red and gold paper
White and gold paper

Design collage
St. Nicholas Kit to Purchase

Samples from the full kit

Red miter
Saint Nicholas
Chocolate St Nicholas
Chocolate saint head
Gold star
White rose
Blue shape
Red flower

To purchase the kit, click on the collage image found on the Mary Cup of Tea Designs page. The kit is 2 euros, with payment through PayPal.

From Mary Cup of Tea Designs in Belgium.

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