Thou, Who in heaven rulest

Virgin and Nicolas
Patron Saints Mary & Nicolas, Lancing College Chapel
Photo: C Myers

Thou, Who in heaven rulest o'er the Angels
Send to our succour ministers to guide us
Meetly to honour Nicolas our Patron,
  Worker of wonders.

Valiant defender of the faith of Jesus,
God he confessed Him at Nicae's Council,
Only-begotten, and with God the Father,
          One, consubstantial.

Hark, how the children sing our Patron's Praises!
Warden of boyhood, and of girlhood's honour.
See him in secret charity bestowing
          To the poor maidens.

Rouse thee, great goddess of th' Ephesian temple,
For, lo! The offspring of a greater Virgin
Armeth His servant to destroy thine oak tree.
          Dumb, dead Diana.

Who ever hailed him on the earth or waters
And did not find him at his side a helper?
Whence came these wonders? Out from prayer and fasting,
          So Christ proclaimeth.

To the God-Bearer, heresies confounding,
To the Confessor of our Lord and Saviour,
Patrons of Lancing, home of true religion,
          Honour and blessing!

Text: A.R., 1914

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Hymn for the patronal feast at Lancing College Chapel of Saints Mary & Nicolas.

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