Hymn in Honor of St. Nicholas

on His Feast Day

from the Office of St. Nicholas, Roman Breviary in English

St Nicholas with book and gold balls
St. Nikolaus, Beuroner Kunstverlag Beuron, Germany
St Nicholas Center Collection

Let the clergy joyfully raise their voice in song,
and magnify Nicholas, the father and patron of clergy;
and let their chants give fresh devotion to their already fervent and docile heart.

Let the Greeks, and Latins, and every tongue and tribe and nation;
let the sea, and land; let all, whatever their sex or condition, guest or citizen or stranger,
sing the praises of Nicholas with one like enthusiasm.

This pontiff, whose name is immortal in the memory of men,
ever gave, gives, and will give favours to all;
he will make him, who was pining away in grief, bloom in joy as a lily.

Whilst living in the flesh, he spurned the deeds of the flesh;
he did nothing but what unto salvation:
and now, having been loosed from the bonds of the flesh, he has mounted to the starry realms.

How great is the power of his charity,
even in this very age, is plainly enough manifested by the oil which flows from his tomb,
giving to all people, that ask it, the boon of health.

Praise, power, and triumph to the most high Trinity.
May it give us to come, after this life, with our laurel wreaths upon us,
to the joys which Nicholas the blessed possesses in our country of heaven. Amen.

From the Office of St. Nicholas, Roman Breviary in English, 1950

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