May We Hope to Find a Patron

St Nicholas statue
St Nicholas, Parish Church of Our Lady & St Nicholas, Liverpool, England
Photo: J M Rosenthal
May we hope to find a patron
'Midst the armies of the blest?
Is there one whose love can help us
By his prayers beyond the rest?
Lord, Who dost Thine angels send,
Give a Saint to be our friend.
One there is whom once our fathers
Took their own, their Saint, to be
Since his prayers had helped the children
And the sailors on the sea;
Lord, Who dost Thine angels send,
Make Saint Nicholas our friend.
Here the shrine in which they worshipped
Here the Chapel by the sea;
Nicholas, their chosen patron,
With Our Lady of the Quay
He, and Mary at his side,
Magnifying, Magnified.
Still the children, still the seamen,
Must the storms of evil face;
Still the prayers of men made perfect
Win for us the gifts of grace;
Let Saint Nicholas, Thy friend,
By his prayers Thy flock defend.
Praise the God Who loves our children,
Praise the ruler of the sea,
Holy Bishop, Holiest Mother
Praise the Threefold Majesty;
Saints and Angels, Mother fair,
Praise the Lord of earth and air.

Text: V Stuckey-Coles
Tune: ALL SAINTS OLD (Darmstadt 1698) 87 87 77

Musical notation PDF

Sung at the patronal festival of Our Lady & St Nicholas, Liverpool Parish Church, United Kingdom

Mp3 file courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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