O Blessed Saint

Saint Nicolas
"Saint Nicolas"
Holy card, Paris, France
St Nicholas Center Collection
O blessed Saint, we honour you,
On this great festal day.
Hail Nicholas the faithful say,
Apostle of the Way.
As you helped those who round you came;
May we your presence feel,
As our commitment is the same
Answering Love's appeal.
The father poor, the three young girls,
Young men to life restored.
Sailors can rest, the sea is blessed,
Your miracles record.
In prison dark, your faith was strong;
Help those who suffer wrong,
We heed your words, the gospel call,
To hail Christ, Lord of all.
As Bari's pilgrims make their way
To sing of your great name,
The wonder myrrh of Myra still
Proclaims your loving fame.
Lead us dear saint, in joy and peace,
Your prayers we now implore,
As we praise God, the Father, Son
And Spirit blest adored.

Text: J M Rosenthal, 2002

Musical notation PDF


Musical notation PDF

By the Lay Canon J M Rosenthal. Used by permission.

Mp3 files courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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