With voices loud and joyous

Saint Nicholas Banner
Saint Nicholas Episcopal Church
Midland, Texas
With voices loud and joyous, O, praise the Saints on high,
for Nicholas and others announce the time is nigh.
Not for the love of self, their deeds, nor worldly pride of place,
Who for the love of Christ, lived, and now they see His face.
O, patron Saint of children, who guards them while they sleep
He loves the little children but Christ their souls doth keep.
He calms all fears and nightmares of babes so blithe and bright.
Saint Nicholas, the blessed, is with them through the night.
Saint Nicholas, the blessed, watched sailors on the deep
Restored to life a seaman when storm tossed, he did leap
When in the ocean's dark night, as land slipped out of sight.
Saint Nicholas, the blessed, did show the rainbow's light.
Three lovely dow'r-less maidens, in sudden poverty
Their father's death, unweicome, no suitors would there be.
One night three bags of gold he sent and this full secretly
O generous Saint Nich'las, their thanks did rise to thee.
May saints and prophets praise Thee, the Holy Three-In-One
The bread of life You give us, in Resurrection won.
Through Advent's contemplation, the Light of Christ we see
And thus upon God's last day—as promised—raised are we.

Text: Jane McAbee
Tune: by Darryl Knapp, 76 76
Musical notation PDF with text

Text and music were composed for the November 2006, fiftieth anniversary of Saint Nicholas Episcopal Church, Midland, Texas. Used by permission.

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