Sing we now and chant it

Carved Saint Nicholas
San Nicolas
Bolivia, 2005
St Nicholas Center Collection
Sing we now and chant it
For St Nicholas is here—
December now brings us
The day we love so dear.
He comes with gifts and stories true—
He tells us what we ought to do.
The world's a better place to be
When now, our saint we can see.
His wonders and his legends told,
The stories, miracles, so bold
Love's message that his presence sends—
The sailors, children's friend.
Three girls are saved, the grain increased,
The innocent they now go free,
The three small boys come back to life,
He calms the deep blue sea.
From Myra came he so long ago,
The myrrh his wonders still do show.
The Bari pilgrims make their way
For at his shrine they pray.
With Nicholas we all await
The coming of the Saviour great.
Our saint, he humbly bends the knee,
As Christ the Lord we see.

Text: J M Rosenthal, 2007
Tune: O, kom er eens kijken (Dutch Sinterklaas tune)

O Kom Er Eens Kijken - Sinterklaas - NL by Willem7

By the Revd Deacon J M Rosenthal, for All Hallows by the Tower, London, England. Used by permission.

Mp3 file courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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