Hymn to Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas
"Saint Nicholas"
Holy card, printed in Italy
St Nicholas Center Collection
Saint Nicholas lived in a land far away;
A warm-hearted bishop, the people did say.
While still a young person his parents both died;
His fortune he shared with the poor far and wide.
The bishop of Myra he soon was proclaimed;
For prayer, holy life and good works he was famed.
The good friend of children, he cared for their need;
The sick and imprisoned he aided and freed.
He gave three young women a dowry of gold,
To help them find husbands to have and to hold.
Through his life shone Christ's life, and thus we proclaim:
Dear Nicholas, help us who honor your name.

Text: Charles William Polm
Tune: Traditional Dutch (Zie Ginds Komt de Stoomboot)

Musical notation PDF

Mp3 file courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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